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Taihang Grand Canyon AAAAA Scenic Area - Student Tickets

Wang Xiangyan ticket + Peach Blossom Valley ticket + Taihang Sky Road ticket; Peach Blossom Valley + Taihang Sky Road Scenic tourist sight viewing bus fares; single visit; holidays and festivals included.
Address : shibanyan township of Linzhou city, Henan Province, Taihang Grand Canyon.
Opening Hours : 8:00AM-17:30PM for Taihang Grand Canyon.
14:30PM-16:30PM, Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday for Taihang Grand Canyon drifting
  • Stone Forest, Linzhou City, Henan Province Taihang Grand Canyon

  • Taihang Grand Canyon: 08: 00-17: 30 Taihang Grand Canyon Rafting: every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 14: 30-16: 30

  • Admission to protect your admission quickly to lose

Product description

Single ticket - Taihang Grand Canyon student tickets (the day after the order takes effect 2 hours) 14:30 the day before booking

Admission methods:

Please use the access code to play at the Peach Blossom Valley ticket office within the scenic area of the Taihang Grand Canyon from 08:00 to 16:30 on the day of your play. Please bring your valid student ID card and take effect 2 hours after placing the order in the same day.

Booking time:

To reserve a reservation, you must place an order by 14:30 at the latest on the day of play, so book early.

Contains items:

Wang Xiangyan tickets + Peach Valley tickets + Taihang Tianlun; Peach Valley + Taihang Tianlu Scenic tourist fares; single use; holidays, GM.

Booking instructions:

① only valid student ID card student tickets;

② business hours: 08: 00-17: 30; validation time: 08: 00-16: 30;

③ Another charge items: Wang Xiangyan scenic slide (not mandatory consumption);

④ scenic parking, charges: 5 yuan car, cart 10 yuan (specific models, please consult the scene);

⑤ Ticket effective on the day, out of the park to be parked, please buy tickets again;

⑥ In order to ensure the ticket, admission smoothly, be sure to fill in the real name, phone number and other information;

⑦ The product can be used after 2 hours of successful booking, otherwise the scenic area will not be accepted. Please arrange your reservation reasonably.

Effective time:

2 hours after the day when the single take effect.

Invoice Description:

You need to login to the same travel client the next day, apply for an invoice on the order details page.

Refund rules:

For refund, you can log in the same travel app to order details page to apply.

(1) You can apply for a refund up to 17:30 within 1 day after the date of play. Late payment can not be refunded. Partial refunds are not applicable. Refund no fee.

(2) This product does not support rescheduling once it is booked.


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