International glide base
Chinese Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon·International glide base
    The Linlu international glide base located at the Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic spot's Luban village, takeoff point altitude above sea level 1190m, height relationship 700m, the steep peak slope 60 degrees, the crown is smooth, the erectness like truncates. Mt. Taihang and the Linzhou basin unique geographical position and the topography relations influence, the air current welcomes the cliff on, has accomplished the development glide movement natural conditions. 
    Since 1992 has organized the glide sports event for the first time, every year international glide competition already became the Henan Province important traveling brand, the glide base undergoes many year careful making, has had simultaneously holds the location facility which 30 athletes simultaneously take off, in domestic, the international glide movement has the big influence, is cooperated by the international navigation the praise is “the Asian first, world first-class”. Has a good swim in the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon, looks airborne hovers the point point sail shade, appears the Grand Canyon scenery is sublime.
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