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  • Chinese hawthorn


    Chinese hawthorn, another name is“red fruit of the mountain”, the Shibanyan township is called “township of Chinese hawthorn”, is one of the seven big Chinese hawthorn production bases which Ministry of Agriculture determined, the Shibanyan hawthorn is high quality and tasty. It was grown In Vacant Land of scenic area as well as local people’s yard and farmland. Thorntree's shape of tree has strong ornamental, the millow fruit are fascinating when they turn crimson. Read More
  • Honey


    The Taihang Grand Canyon flowers and plants are prosperous, especially the Forsythia suspensa. the local populace have bee keeping and pick honey tradition, produces the honey is called “the earth honey”, undergoes the modern craft processing and the packing, produces the product easy to carry and to drink, becomes the tourist souvenirs which the tourist purchases frequently. Read More
  • Walnut


    The history of Taihang Grand Canyon wulnut have been over 2000 years, at the end of the 50's started to introduce a fine variety the Xinjiang walnut, the walnut already became local the major economic crops, were also the tourist souvenirs which the tourist purchased frequently. Read More
  • Chinese prickly ash


    The Chinese prickly ash is the Shibanyan township well-known native products, is called “red gown”, the Chinese prickly ash is not only the main cooking seasoning, also has certain for medicinal purposes value, the Chinese prickly ash which the locality produces are big, the luster colorful, the smell strong, the fruit thick-skinned characteristic, Widespread planted in Taihang mountain, the planter history is long.  Read More
  • The German car Drag-racing at Taihang Mountain


    On October 30, comes from Germany's old and worn-out vehicle by 12 to be composed “area Europe and Asia travel of the group automatic pilot friendship” the automatic pilot motorcade to arrive at Linzhou smoothly, has opened the out of the ordinary Mountain in Shansi summit marvelous travel. The old and worn-out vehicle and Mt. Read More
  • "Hometown of Henan landscape Taihang" Tourism Promotion Union Working Symposium held in Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area


    October 19, 2017, "Hometown Henan landscape Taihang" tourism promotion alliance working forum was held in Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area, Henan Provincial Tourism Bureau Tang Yan, Li Guoyong, Anyang City Tourism Bureau, Chang-Wen, Linzhou City City leaders Zhu Wu Xun, Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic .... Read More
  • Reaches agreement at Taihang Grand Canyon,lighten your double festival holiday


    National Day, the Mid-Fall Festival happy chance meeting, the precious ultra length gold week, welcome the domestic and foreign tourists to come the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon, enjoys the holiday time smoothly. 2017 Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon “full of affection Mountain in Shansi, seven color canyons” the traveling festival has begun officially. Read More
  • The Chinese character builds a bridge the multi-country friend golden autumn to have a good swim the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon


    One year prosperity Mr. must record, most is the orange yellow loose skinned orange is green time. Golden autumn season, scenery Holy Land, as beautiful as a painting, the multi-country friends have a good swim the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon, the sharing golden autumn Mountain in Shansi scenery charm. On the other day,... Read More
  • Linzhou Municipal People's Government and Henan Investment Group Co-invested to Set up Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon Tourism development co., LTD


    on September 15, 2017, the Linzhou people's government and the Henan investment group joint contribution sets up the Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon travels the development Limited company to establish the conference to hold in the municipal government. Linzhou is the Red Flag ditch energetic place of origin.... Read More
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