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  • Taihang is not alone in winter, ice falls accompanied by you


    Spring has become the memory of the charming summer fresh has long been hidden, the colorful autumn has also been fading under the cold, cold winter is now the Taihang color strip ripped, Despite the baptism of snow, the mountain or the mountain, no color, but the style is still, the river is still Read More
  • The German car Drag-racing at Taihang Mountain


    On October 30, comes from Germany's old and worn-out vehicle by 12 to be composed “area Europe and Asia travel of the group automatic pilot friendship” the automatic pilot motorcade to arrive at Linzhou smoothly, has opened the out of the ordinary Mountain in Shansi summit marvelous travel. The old and worn-out vehicle and Mt. Read More
  • Reaches agreement at Taihang Grand Canyon,lighten your double festival holiday


    National Day, the Mid-Fall Festival happy chance meeting, the precious ultra length gold week, welcome the domestic and foreign tourists to come the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon, enjoys the holiday time smoothly. 2017 Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon “full of affection Mountain in Shansi, seven color canyons” the traveling festival has begun officially. Read More
  • The Chinese character builds a bridge the multi-country friend golden autumn to have a good swim the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon


    One year prosperity Mr. must record, most is the orange yellow loose skinned orange is green time. Golden autumn season, scenery Holy Land, as beautiful as a painting, the multi-country friends have a good swim the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon, the sharing golden autumn Mountain in Shansi scenery charm. On the other day,... Read More
  • Teachers' day offers the big ritual free ticket to have a good time at Taihang Grand Canyon


    Teacher you have been laborious, wishes your holiday to be joyful! Golden autumn in September, we soon welcome the Chinese 33rd teachers' day. Reads the teacher graciousness, feels Shi Qing. In order to thank the teachers to make light of discomforts proselytizes instructs, brings honor to “honors the teacher and respects education” the traditional virtue, the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area releases the feeling grateful teacher admission ticket free activity especially, thanks fellow teachers since long to education's selfless contributions. Read More
  • Scenery magnificent Grand Canyon vertical stroke has been spoiled by God the place


    The scenery magnificent Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon, has been spoiled by God the place. How should describe it? Here has 5 name cards to respond you, comes, enters the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon together! Natural scenery name card blue cliff like black eyebrow coloring, red wall, if the rosy-colored clouds at dawn, set up the nebula birds with fine plumage, the deep pool deep green water, the scenery is wonderfully beautiful, called for the world. The scenic area four seasons scenery varies, fire imagination. Spring, glorious weather, ten thousand wooden towering, fine spring day; Midsummer, beautiful scenery, forest tree shallot Read More
  • Sweet Tanabata festival:single or not, Grand Canyon welcome all of you!


    The annual seventh night of the seventh lunar month festival must come, slightly arranged thought that the air probably became happy, must as if the human sweet! Then, the important matter came? Seventh night of the seventh lunar month approximately where? The Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon unmarried OR double body, that is not a matter! Takes a seat according to ticket number, always has your pleasing one section. Unmarried we are unable to bestow love, but provides meets unexpectedly love the place. If you are unmarried, why not to come this to enjoy the beauties of nature, as soon as tries the marriage affinity? Read More
  • [Hard to seize it, the small tail of summer vacation] graduates tickets free!opportunity seldom knocks twice


    Releases for flight the self-summer vacation model to switch the ascetic person immediately to go to school the model! Before does not want to experience again begins school to indulge? Read More
  • Wan to Reward yourself? a tour to Taihang mountain is a good choice


    This world changes too quickly, forces us to in life tidal current coercing, does not look askance, accelerates to run, does not distinguish the heavenly bodies, does not see the numerous dense cluster of flowers scenery, does not hear in the tree shade stream diameter the chirp chirp song of the birds. Read More
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