Primal chaos iceberg
Chinese Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon·Primal chaos iceberg
   The Mountain in Shansi iceberg is in the fable Pan Gu opens the world the vestige, trillion years ago, bred the adult in the chaos Pan Gu, the pedal have broken to pieces the fetter, opened the day to divide, have created the heavenly bodies, the mountains and rivers rivers, resulted in divine and wonderful spirit of the world megalith to scatter in this place, formed have filled the mystical primal chaos iceberg. 
The primal chaos iceberg scenic area forest is green, the range towering peak is wonderful, the path is winding, the group bird perches, but also has appears and disappears between the mountains and plains hare ferret badger, framed a vitality abundant virgin forest prospect. 
   The visit tour primal chaos iceberg, will be able to feel the winter summer inversion by oneself the natural marvelous sight, midsummer intense summer heat, in mountain hole still obviously cold ice; 39 severely cold, the mountain hole Dongkou actually obvious peach blossom just blossoming, mystical Mt. Taihang will cause your stroke richer pleasure. 

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