Mountain in Shansi Pinghu
Chinese Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon·Mountain in Shansi Pinghu
    The Mountain in Shansi Pinghu namely south valley hole reservoir, is in the scenic area “the dew river” retaining works, because blocks the river dam the construction, has formed the long approximately 5 kilometers in the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area, wide approximately 0.5 kilometer smooth lake and the narrow gorge landscape, is also “the artificial Milky Way” the Red Flag ditch makes up the source project. 
    The Mountain in Shansi Pinghu is the Mountain in Shansi scenery nimble and resourceful place, the lakeside green hill folds the green jade, the water surface wave light is clear, Mt. Taihang posture produces an inverted image in the water, serves as contrast becomes an official grandly, the water the gentleness. On good scenery, is not only attracting the numerous tourists, also causes the Mountain in Shansi Pinghu to become the film and television play's important location. 
    Mt. Taihang area cool, the winter is summer severely cold, grows in the Mountain in Shansi Pinghu's fish, the shrimp and the aquatic product the environmental effect, slow-growing, delicious meat, wanders about between the Mountain in Shansi scenery, tastes to the delicacy delicacy, is also place of the aftertaste which Grand Canyon travels. 

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