"2015 Korea million people tour Anyang" activities in the Taihang Grand Canyon scenic start

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The ocean waves Run green hill, Taihang receives a guest. On April 26, brings with to like to palatial Taihang's praising, is loudly singing the classical folk song with one voice "Jasmine", several hundred come from far away the South Korean tourists get together in the Linzhou peach blossom valley scenic area. Follows is resounding through the mountain valley the singing sound, I sing the Chinese song and the South Korean ten thousand people in the inscription on animal bones and tortoise shells hometown tour Anyang to move start officially in the Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area.


Anyang, is really good!



 The primal chaos fan historical novel tamper force with mercy, the Chinese takes Xiu to show the young blood. Between the beautiful scenery, the simple stage show lets the South Korean tourists cheer excitedly in abundance, clap the hands and shout praise. Moved the scene, the city travel agency is in 2015 the South Korean tours Anyang's 30,000th South Korean tourist Li Zhongjiu to issue the souvenir. Li Zhongjiu indicated that is honored very much can become this year 30,000th to arrive at Anyang's tourist. He used the unfamiliar Chinese to say excitedly: Anyang, is really good.


The good beautiful jasmine resounds along with the melodious music, the entire mountain valley also quietly gets down from noise. In city travel agency bureau chief under the history Jingshan's invitation, the South Korean tourists came on stage in abundance with Chinese have sung the Chinese classical folk song. When music resounds, everybody's spontaneous hand pulls up the hand, is following the lively melody happy dance. When all actor comes on stage deducts "Jasmine", under the stage audience also joins, the entire audience hums the identical first song, praises the identical piece land.


Afterward, hundred South Korean tourists well up the stage, has written down own Chinese name on the signature wall. In addition, the city travel agency was moving the scene also draw an item at random 5 South Korea 

friends to take the lucky tourist, issued for them has the thick native place characteristic prize. South Korean tourist Zheng Zhenzhu is one of these five lucky tourists, she takes the prize to be unable to put down and to let the tour guide pass on reporter, she receives the gift to be very happy, will forever remember the Anyang people's enthusiasm.


Before is only heard that China's Anyang is very beautiful, this time arrives at Anyang to detect that Anyang's US lives up to reputation really. South Korean tourist Cui Zonglie said that this is he first time comes Anyang, Anyang to be very really beautiful, hoped later can have the previous 1,000,000, more than ten million South Korean tourists tours Anyang.


The city travel agency related people in charge introduced that South Korea is the Anyang overseas source of tourists market tries the water place. Formerly came the South Korean tourists who Anyang travels many by the individual tourist primarily, recent years along with my city traveling infrastructural facilities unceasingly to enhance, moves toward the marketability operation gradually, receives the South Korean tour quantity along with my city to promote largely, the city travel agency has further enlarged this year in South Korea tourist market propaganda recommendation dynamics, positively peddler with the South Korean group travel the communication to consult, attracts the South Korean large-scale traveling chartered airplane team through many kinds of channels to come my city traveling visit.



South the Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area takes Taihang scenery tourism product representative and the important new force, becomes by its advantageous landscape scenery attracts one of the South Korean tourists to Chinese traveling main destinations. It is known that to let arrive at Anyang's South Korean tourist to feel our native place culture, each group of South Korean tourists settle the journey to include the cultural scenic spot and the scenery scenic spot. The cultural scenic spot mainly has the Chinese Writing Museum, in the city, Yue Fei the temple and so on, the scenery scenic spot including the Taihang Grand Canyon, the Taihang ridge, the peach blossom valley and so on.


 Last year came the South Korean tourists who Anyang travelled already to breach 120,000 people. This year up to present, already some 30,000 people of South Korean tourists arrived at Anyang, estimated that also has the very big rise space. The city travel agency staff indicated that tours Anyang to this year South Korea ten thousand people to create new high to represent again has the confidence very much, the high quality service and the rich tourist resources, let the South Korean tourists enjoy the happiness which the traveling brought, will further develop the international tourist market for my city, promoted Anyang's popularity and the fine reputation display positive role.

Taihang Grand Canyon is a national key scenic area and a national geological park. It was awarded as a national 5A-class tourist attraction in 2016 and was awarded as "the most famous Chinese mountain for Korean tourists" by the Korea Tourism Association. Scenic spots include: springs and waterfalls Peach Blossom Valley, one hundred mile Gallery Taihang Sky Road, soul of Taihang Wang Xiangyan, the ecological canyon drifting. Scenic tickets valid for two days, where you can relax, spend leisurely throughout the weekend.

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