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Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon Tourism Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan Investment Group Co., Ltd., is due to work needs, open recruitment of a number of staff:

First, recruiting positions and requirements

(1) deputy director of the office: a bachelor degree or above in bachelors, administration and other related majors, more than two years of relevant work experience, familiar with office administration knowledge and official document writing format, with strong written and verbal ability.

(2) human resources management: a full-time undergraduate or higher undergraduate education, under 35 years of age, with more than two years experience in the same position with large and medium-sized enterprises, outstanding written ability to be able to work independently.

(3) the secretarial staff: a full-time undergraduate or higher undergraduate education, under 35 years of age, with more than 2 years experience in the same position with large and medium-sized enterprises, writing ability, able to work independently.

(4) engineering and technical director: 2, construction, engineering costs, engineering management and other related professional, full-time system with a junior college education and above, more than 5 years practical work experience, age 30 years and above. As a project manager, with intermediate title and related work experience is preferred

(5) engineering and technical personnel: 10, construction, engineering costs, project management, afforestation and other related professional, junior and senior titles or with a cost of membership card, construction division card, full-time matriculation junior college degree or above, have practical work experience Priority is given.

(6) marketing planners: 8, junior college or above, more than two years of marketing experience in the tourism industry, under the age of 40, to adapt to long-term business travel.

(7) Conductor: 5, full-time matriculation college education, under 35 years of age, with more than 2 years of work experience, hold a certificate of account.

(8) Finance staff: 5 full-time matriculation majors, majored in accounting, financial management and other related majors. Those under 35 years of age have at least 2 years relevant working experience, are familiar with financial software and office software, hold accounting qualification certificates , With intermediate grade priority.

(9) scenic staff: 15, college education, under 35 years of age, men are preferred, veterans priority.

(10) Electromechanical maintenance personnel: 5, with related majors in mechanical, electronic, equipment installation and maintenance, junior and senior titles, or electrician certificates, full-time college degree or above, under 35 years of age with more than 2 years of working experience, Male priority, veterans priority.

(11) Driver of sightseeing car: 20, holding license B1 and above, under 45 years of age with more than 3 years of driving experience, and holding a road transport qualification certificate is preferred.

(12) Explanations: 5, full-time undergraduate matriculation, 35 years of age, a tour guide is preferred.

(13) Integrated Clerk: 2, full-time undergraduate degree or above, under 35 years of age, relevant work experience may be appropriate to relax the request.

(14) product planning: 1, with cultural tourism product design, development background, bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of experience

Second, the relevant instructions

(1) those who meet the conditions, please send the electronic scan of ID card,education certificate,certificate of degree recent photo and resume photos and photos on February 22 before sent to e-mail thdxg2008@126.com, e-mail header format " Name + candidate position ".

(2) candidates are responsible for the authenticity of the material provided, incomplete data will not be accepted. Company for the recruitment of staff positions for social insurance.

(3) This recruitment agency agency has not been entrusted, the recruitment process by the company staff telephone notification, please keep your plone work well. (Tel: 0372-6082999 15136508175 Contact: Guo Xiaoli)

(4) travel and other expenses of applicants themselves, do not charge any fees.

(5) the hiring unit of the right to interpret.

Taihang Grand Canyon is a national key scenic area and a national geological park. It was awarded as a national 5A-class tourist attraction in 2016 and was awarded as "the most famous Chinese mountain for Korean tourists" by the Korea Tourism Association. Scenic spots include: springs and waterfalls Peach Blossom Valley, one hundred mile Gallery Taihang Sky Road, soul of Taihang Wang Xiangyan, the ecological canyon drifting. Scenic tickets valid for two days, where you can relax, spend leisurely throughout the weekend.

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