Come and see who - Stars shooting at Taihang Grand Canyon

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October 22 Henan Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area, stars bright, star-studded. Since October 20 in the evening of the Dragon TV Oriental Dragon TV hit live reality show "what to eat today," the crew came to Taihang Grand Canyon scenic recording program.


Black Chen Jianzhou



As early as 7:00 quietly Peach Valley suddenly set up dozens of cameras, Almighty Queen Ye Xuan, black Chen Jianzhou, fashion male Ma Dezhong, Victoria supermodel He Sui, food anchors A Nan, MIKE Sui came to the core attractions within the Peach Valley Huang Longtan boot ceremony. Over the next five days, six celebrities will challenge a variety of food-related tasks here for a culinary adventure. Different characters, different cultural celebrities, living under the eaves of stone slate, penniless, they must get through their own efforts specific ingredients to complete a meaningful food.


Oriental TV "what to eat today," the program group, in the country carefully selected shooting place, selected to the North's glory, Taihang Grand Canyon area, lasted more than two months, N times in the Taihang Grand Canyon scenic spot investigation, viewfinder, explore the content of the program, the Taihang Grand Canyon is finally selected the Peach Blossom Valley and Taihang sky road as a shooting point.

Over the past two years, Taihang Grand Canyon scenic unique geological landscape and scenic beauty of the environment, has attracted Zhang Yimou "Great Wall" crew, Chevrolet Cruzez advertising crew and other heavyweight crew come to choose the scene or shooting, with 12 episodes gourmet reality show "today to eat What "hit, the Taihang Grand Canyon will become the tourists flirtatious fashion district.


Taihang Grand Canyon is a national key scenic area, national AAAA grade tourist area and national geopark. It receives 100,000 Korean tourists each year and is rated as the most famous Chinese tourist by Korean tourists. Scenic spots include: Quan Tan waterfall Peach Valley, Barry Gallery Taihang days Road, Taihang soul Wang Xiangyan, the original ecological canyon rafting. Tickets valid for two days, where you can relax and spend leisurely throughout the weekend.



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