[5·19 National Tourism Day]The big discount on ticket!

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In January Spring Festival has not contributed money


In February the valentine day has squandered the money


In March, in April spring tour has not saved money


In May hopes Labor Day


Before the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, makes money diligently


The daily toiling and laboring goes to work you,it's time to comfort yourself!


I thought that your day does not survive the money, is actually at a high game!


Delivers you to give preferential benefit to the welfare to be possible to be good?


In May except 51 Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival and so on legal holiday, but also some person of likes holiday - - 5.19 China Tourism Day. On May 19 before NationalTourism Day the arrival, the Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area releases the admission ticket preferential benefit activity specially, has a look together!


Time: 19th, May

Theme: Tourism Makes Life Happier

details: Half price of the ticket fare

Point: Stimulate tourism enthusiasm,focus on and support tourism. 






The Taihang Grand Canyon is the country key scenic spot area, the national geology park, in 2016 receives the national 5A level tourist scenic zone, is evaluated by the South Korean Sightseeing Association: “the South Korean tourists most like Chinese famous mountains”. The scenic area includes: The spring deep pool folds waterfall peach blossom valley, hundred mile art gallery Taihang day road, the Taihang soul of king crag, the primitive ecology canyon drift. The scenic area admission ticket is in two days valid, may relax the mood in here you, leisurely and carefree passed the entire weekend.

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