Between Mountain in Shansi character and style hotel single 198 Yuan/days (including breakfast)

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The Mountain in Shansi character and style high-quality goods commerce hotel is the Henan investment group, the Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon travels the development Limited company to serve under somebody's banner only one to stay/the dining to synthesize the two star-level high-quality goods hotel. The hotel is situated in the beautiful national AAAA level key scenic spot tourist area “the Chinese Henan Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon” the scenic area, the slater old town heartland. The hotel is situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream, the sight fluttering flags, the good communications, the conditions is graceful.


Mountain in Shansi character and style hotel adjoining to scenery martial palatial Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon core scenic spot--King crag scenic area, Mountain in Shansi day road scenic area; Valley of from the beautiful gently beautiful love--The peach blossom valley scenic area is also takes a step remote; With has “the Asian first stone dam”, the beautiful Mountain in Shansi Pinghu goes by car the only ten minutes driving distances.


Mountain in Shansi character and style hotel in May 1, 2014 official surface guest, has looks at the scenery the anteroom, the two person guest room, three person of guest rooms, single guest room total 67 wrap, 160 person of conference room, 30 person of conference room.


The hotel cafeteria has 220 halls, 10 person of passenger compartment four, 16 person of passenger compartment, each category high-end, middle-grade, low-end Mountain in Shansi characteristic cooked food, anticipated that moistens all quarters guest sense of taste. The hotel receives “the guest supremely, the home away from home, all for yours satisfaction!”The service objective, provides buys on behalf of another entity the ticket clerk, the scenic area bus service quickly for the guest sends and picks up, the wireless WIFI cover, the point meal delivers meal enters the room, the aquatic project amusement, rides a horse the rest and recreation, the two person bicycle rents and so on adequate and systematic service to be complete.

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The Mountain in Shansi character and style hotel consummates the facility, the meticulous service, decides can cause travel of enjoyable smooth Italy your Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon, happy in among.Subscribes the room hot line: 0372-6081919

1.8x2.1 bed room

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