Canyon night

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   The day gradually has been black, sun's afterheat dark red which illuminates the cloud, the sunset glow the girl who hides just like one bit in the boudoir, quietly reveals the appearance to come, to let the human cannot help but remember Li Shangyin's verse: “the repeated calling and urging beginning comes out, still holds the pipa partly to obstruct the surface”. Indeed, sunset glow US, US peacefully, US moving, beautiful lets the human after not sigh with emotion the nature the clever axe finger of God.

   The setting sun in the western sky mountain, in sunset glow Yu Guangzhong, wears the deep green colored silk just like one bit the fairy maiden, is self-satisfied arrives at side us. The cool breeze moves the treetop, that is her elegant long hair. The purl rill, is her nimble and resourceful eye. That not well-known wild flower, also became embellished her corolla. The canyon mountain, congealed has been delicate and is boundless, I saw on her body thick Germany has carried the quality, has smelled her gentle and the peaceful breath, felt that was transmitting to one strength.

   The sky has answered a curtain call in people's yo-heave-ho, gentle has drawn in the black curtain. In the heavy nighttime sky is hanging a curved sound of flowing water moon ship, if the silver like water's moon serves as contrast even more radiantly the nighttime sky. The bright moonlight running water has fallen place equally likely, takes a broad view looks at the dehydration surface, probably inlays the full diamond the silk, static flow. The mischievous star does not speak, as soon as the eye winks, probably was saying that any intimate conversation is probably is flushing you to throw the coquettish look.

   The canyon night is tranquil. Fills with the hope to come, the full load joyful turns over to the tourists already respectively ride in a carriage go home the rest, in the echo reverberation canyon settle immediately calmed down, leaves behind the footprint only which a string hurries along. Has bustled about one day-long people, eating meal early, resounds at the slight snoring sound, entered in the fragrant fond dream, perhaps has dreamed of the next year gratifying abundant harvest, perhaps dreamed of has implemented the desire which longed for even in dreams. In brief, their dream is real. Occasionally catches up with the night of vehicle whining noise to cause angry boof, is going far away gradually finally in the journey floods. Sleeps soundly the people also are only stand up from failure then heavy going off.

   The canyon night is distant. In the dim light of night canyon, has been full of the mystical color. Several passes through the wind and rain baptism, is full of the enthusiasm affectionately as before, the affection looks that each bit the tourist who comes for her. Walks in the dim light of night dim canyon, entered the paradise, the ear bank has resounded the symphony which was the insect orchestra plays, in the wind hikes up is wild flower's fragrance as if. Here all do not affect the affective tone because of yours arrival, the selfish are continuing. Places oneself may throw actually all worries in here you, the whole body relaxed investment to in the nature bosom.

The dim light of night gradually has been deep, was stranded Italy to roll up like a mat comes, to immerse in this enchanting dim light of night forgets to return, brings the shed I not to enter the dreamland deeply, reached agreement again in the dreamland with you.

(author: Su Jingyu)

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