Cool Dreams at Taihang Grand Canyon

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Where is the steep mountain? Where is clean water and blue sky ? where is the simple and honorable nostalgia? How to Find clear water  to wash off the trace of tired lives? This is the beautiful Taihang Grand Canyon, it not can only give you the vision the impact, takes to you the mind shocking, let you just likes the body enters the fairyland, feels that kind the purity which cleanses naturally, but also has these fine spring day, green grass greenery. When we pursue in the reality, the Taihang Grand Canyon as the gentle mother, her bears all our dreams.

The scenery can bearing person's dreams, lie in her beauty. The Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area is the country key scenic spot area, the 4A level tourist area, the national geology park, the Chinese top ten Grand Canyon. Here has thousands of mountain stone, waterfalls, the  rippling deep pool, fables. The scenery can take person's dream, lies in her to bring the mind to the human touching. Here has overpowering momentum traditional Chinese painting mountain high tide to curl hundred miles art galleries, causes the human instantaneous broad-minded, the distracting thoughts all disappear. The scenery can hold person's dream, lie in her insincerity. Here has established the remarkable meritorious service valley Wenchang comrade's hometown for the new China's establishment, as if might also feel his breath in here you, his fear was not difficult, the spirit which bore hardships and stood hard work. The scenery hold person's dream, lie in her wonderment. Grand Canyon is the world famous glide base, is Asia is most ideal, one of world best glide locations. Now, this kind of astounding movement project already became a Grand Canyon sharp scenery.

Along with human culture's process, the city had lost his green grass greenery's content, the everyday life takes the anxiety and the restlessness to people. I feel grateful deeply, have the Taihang Grand Canyon's existence, she just likes a picture, inlays in person's memory deep place, place at where dreams grow up, I believed that she will annotate each person pursues to nature beautiful admiring greatly. The reason that has the like this beautiful place, her only then inferior place will clean my pupil surely, will comfort me the soul. I want to be dandelion, send my dream seeds fly high and far , let more people see that inconceivable beauty!

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