Dragon Boat Festival to Taihang Grand Canyon drifting wet it!

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The Dragon Boat Festival welfare came! The Taihang Grand Canyon wanders the Dragon Boat Festival company to float three days! Comes the Taihang Grand Canyon to wander the wet body, luckies in love to the peach blossom valley,Are you ready?


The Taihang Grand Canyon wanders located at the national AAAA level tourist area, the country key scenic spot area, the national geology park - Henan Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon. Wanders the span 4500 meters, the dropping variance 85 meters, the entire journey located at the mountainous region forest zone, the river course both sides forest onion is strongly fragrant, the scenery is magnificent, is called the drift which cannot tan, is ecology oxygen drift which is worthy of the reputation.


The Taihang Grand Canyon drift facility is advanced, occupies domestically is in the lead, constructs the entire journey supervisory system, the air can the heat pump hot water shower, the free warm body ginger tea supply, can take to you certainly the brand-new drift experience.


The fervor drift, the mountain peak experience, here is the one's heart rushes toward one's destination world fairyland, here is the joyful aquatic palace. Lives in the insufficient characteristic hotel Taihang character and style hotel, enjoys the endless peasant family good food peach blossom sister-in-law noodle restaurant, but can also DIY bake. Is listening to the waterfall sound, is looking at the serissa fetida, abandons the worry, enjoys section of tranquil slow time.





Taihang Grand Canyon is a national key scenic area and a national geological park. It was awarded as a national 5A-class tourist attraction in 2016 and was awarded as "the most famous Chinese mountain for Korean tourists" by the Korea Tourism Association. Scenic spots include: springs and waterfalls Peach Blossom Valley, one hundred mile Gallery Taihang Sky Road, soul of Taihang Wang Xiangyan, the ecological canyon drifting. Scenic tickets valid for two days, where you can relax, spend leisurely throughout the weekend.

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