【Graduation permit, crazy 218】 This summer's most graduation tour, all in the Taihang Grand Canyon, traveling!

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Taihang Grand Canyon sounded graduation tour assembly number, diploma = discount card, carrying a diploma, crazy 218 yuan.

      160 yuan, Wang Xiang Yan + Peach Valley + Taihang Sky Road + drifting + slide, all packaged delivery, two two days play around Taihang Grand Canyon, in 2017 the most graduation ignite!

Scenic area admission ticket 100 Yuan Scenic area sightseeing vehicle 60 Yuan Drifting 138 Yuan Slippery rope 80 Yuan The positive valance equals 378 Yuan

Ten miles of water, waves leaving the same type of drift but different feeling!

Date with the landscape, and drifting dance! Passion drifting, peak experience, second to none in northern Henan. Here is a fascinating paradise on earth, here is full of joy Aqua Palace. Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon drifting total length of 4500 meters, a drop of 85 meters, is located in the mountain forest belt, lush trees on both sides, spectacular scenery. The dense virgin forest belt, which hides the river into a closed greenway, praises Taihang Grand Canyon for sunless drifting. It is a true eco-bar drifting.

Wave repellent boat, waves fighting waves, cold heart, endless fun. Splash, laughter, screamed, one after another, is not heard across the screen? !

stimulate! thrilling! Fight with nature, wild!

Overlooking the vast land of high altitude -------- Slippery rope, cool to take off

What we want is heartquake!Do "trapeze" Fun zipline, 500 meters, 90S, Albatron "Flying" to shame.

The same as the wings of the wings of the birds, listening to the wind whistling, puffed up and enjoy the roar, body barrier, heartless, once seen majestic alpine verdant canyon.


Springs and waterfalls Peach blossom Valley

Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area's core attractions. It is a mountain, valley, lake, cave-based natural area. It is best known for its "March Nine frosty peach blossom, triple freezing heat and freezing ice and the first high waterfall in Asia at 346 meters." Peach valley unique landscape, a meandering peach blossom runs through the canyon, stream grass on both sides of hanging ivy, immaterial jungle endless, with the surge of green tide like a sea of water volume.


Taihang soul Wang Xiang rock

Wang Xiang-yan, the soul of Taihang, faces the stream in the east, the cliff in the west, and the cliffs on the left and right, forming a highly closed valley surrounded by the verdant fauna of Zhuque Feng and concealing the left Dragon, right white tiger, before the Suzaku, after basaltic "ideal mode. Modern tourism experts and scholars to the male king of rock, Wang Xiang Jiu-feng's show, the risk of climbing the road, the odd mountain landscape, known as the "soul of the Taihang."

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Wang Xiang rock


One hundred mile Gallery Taihang sky Road

Taihang sky road"is located in the summint of the Taihang Mountain, north from Peach Blossom Valley, south to Xianxia Valley,the total length is about 30km.It 's not only an important part of the tour road, but also an excellent location overlooking the magnificent scenery of Taihang Mountian.

Taking sightseeing cars in Taihang Tian Road, like place oneself in hundred miles gallerries,take an eyeful look, the majestic Chinese painting landscape scroll is everywhere: deep gorges, vertical wall, which give the tourists a strong visual shock. 



Standing on Taihangtian Road, the entire canyon offers sweeping views. The mountain is enchanting with the misty clouds. The water rises gracefully and feels soft. All this is like "paradise on earth", fully demonstrating the highest state of strength and rigidity, softness and beauty.

Green Belt dew River

      Taihang Grand Canyon, there is a continuous flow of perennial from north to south called "Lu Shuihe." the dew river like a green belt, creeping in the foot of the Castle, gentle and perseverance, making the Taihang Mountains more vivid and spiritual.



Birds singing in the mountain,people and cloud keep company.The clear water clean my heart, fish play in deep lake.. Dew River, the blue sky and white clouds, mountains, flowers, flowers, trees, chic town. This is the most primitive and purest natural beauty.




Marked on the map of the distance, the road has been demonstrated in front of unlimited good scenery, foot around the corner ready to move? Do not hesitate, organize luggage, set foot on the journey, call classmates, singing all the way, proudly go forward and enjoy a secular world completely indulgent!

      Taihang Grand Canyon is a national key scenic area and a national geological park. It was awarded as a national 5A-class tourist attraction in 2016 and was awarded as "the most famous Chinese mountain for Korean tourists" by the Korea Tourism Association. Scenic spots include: springs and waterfalls Peach Blossom Valley, one hundred mile Gallery Taihang Sky Road, soul of Taihang Wang Xiangyan, the ecological canyon drifting. Scenic tickets valid for two days, where you can relax, spend leisurely throughout the weekend.

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