Grand Canyon guesthouse three world 180 Yuan/days (including breakfast)

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The Henan Linzhou Grand Canyon guesthouse is situated in the country key scenic spot area, the national AAAA level tourist area Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon core, is a fair eats, lives, tours, the entertainment, the sketch is a body's star-level guesthouse.


The guesthouse and the king crag scenic spot, the ice ice background area, the Mountain in Shansi ridge scenic area borders on, the guesthouse is situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream constructs, the sight fluttering flags, the good communications, the conditions is graceful, the common social practice is sincere. All around hills surrounds, high peak towering; The trees onion is strongly fragrant, lonesome and quiet neat; Green Shui Yangbo; The group fish patrols; Terraced field layer upon layer, crisscrossing paths between fields; Primitive style, antique; A school of enchanting rural scenery.


The Grand Canyon guesthouse interior facility is complete, is equipped with the standard 47, may simultaneously receive 140 person of lodgings. The dining room, reserves a room may simultaneously hold 200 people to go to eat, has size conference room two, is the traveling, the team, the conference, the fine arts sketch, the photographic creation, the leisure takes vacation the best place which and so on first choices go to eat, stay.Subscribes the room hot line: 0372-6081131

51.2Mx2.1M single bed three worlds

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