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 Based on the natural resource safeguarding and the scenic area traffic condition, to avoid the massive vehicles parking, the travel create the destruction in the core scenic area to the conditions, reduces the traffic safety hidden danger, after the tourist arrives at the scenic area, must bring the vehicles to park in the parking lot, transfers the scenic area interior sightseeing vehicles.

The Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area construction has peach blossom Gu Hewang the crag two intellectualization parking lots, in which peach blossom valley parking lot may park bus 100, small vehicle 350; The king crag parking lot may park bus 20, small vehicle 150, two parking lot arrangements have the specialist to be responsible for the vehicles park the direction and the public security patrol. In traveling peak, but is also equipped with many temporary parking lots.

◆ parking notice

1. scenic area parking lots implement a vehicle card, the entrance receive the card, export paying fee, please properly certainly stop the compartment.

2. drives the personnel leave when the vehicles please do exam recognized that the windows and doors have caged, do not store the valuables and the cash in the vehicle.

3. parking lots provide the parking spot use service the place, and provides the free public security service, but not the goods loss and the third party creates to the vehicle in the vehicle damages is responsible.

4. stops the compartment production cost 20 Yuan, if has losing please according to the production cost compensation.

5. stops the compartment like to have losing, asks the vehicles to drive the personnel to provide the driving card, the ID card, the driver license and the written situation explained that checks the credential original part after the scenic area staff, after preserving the copy, allows to pass.

6. scenic area parking fees: 10 above 20.00 Yuan/•Day; 10 (including) following 10.00 Yuan/•Day

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