King crag scenic area

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 King layers inside the Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon, Linlu prominent peak west side slater town. The main tour scenic spot includes: The tube ladder, the Jade Emperor Chinese style pavilion, Xia Fudong, swings the soul bridge, herd Ma Po, the plank road, the forest bathing porch, supine Tianchi and so on.
 Leaves the slater town to travel southward, the dew river goes toward the couple. Experiences 800 remaining years of life vicissitudes' flat topping pine, the bough is tall and straight, the dark green dragon tune, cups one hand in the other across the chest to welcome, king crag scenic area impressively at present.
 Here peak cliff is rugged, the waterfall formed by a spring flies swings, the flowers and trees support the green jade, the scenery are graceful, by the reputation is “soul of the Mountain in Shansi”.
 King crag Shan Gaolin is deep, a group climb, seems the roadless winding peaks and paths. The obvious water seepage gurgling, overflows along the way becomes an official the stone, therefore the king crag's vegetation has is very rich.

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