Language of the canyon - summer

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Have no idea when, grass grow more at roadsides, the faint trace cool breeze sways the wicker, the wicker is manipulating the dancer's posture. Looks at the scenery the tourist cannot help but slowed down the footsteps, even fish in the water happy jumped, jumps is greeting to the water surface on.

The beautiful peach blossom quietly wither and fall, the roadside not well-known wild flower actually gently is being in full bloom, silent bulletin life existence. Just had watered the green lawn, on the tall and slender apex is hanging the water drop, under the sunlight illumination, is glittering as if the innumerable glittering and translucent carving diamonds, lets the human look that the innermost feelings leap a joy.

different from the spring’s gentleness, the summer’s arrival is a little rash. Speak of summer, we would associate the scorching sun, the scorching sun is the summer spokesman as if. The people are busy at taking off the spring clothing, exchanges the neat summer clothing. Makes people feel cooler.

Summer rain water flushing from now on mountain, will be as if the god comes work the ink and wash painting. in the light water vapor, keeps silent actually let the human be unable to neglect his existence.

Steps in the stone pillar, by the chilly river water, vaguely may see the small tadpole plays in the water, the tiddler plays in inside plays hide-and-seek. The water plant casually stretches her long hair, is such satisfied and comfortable, let people heart live envies. The hand holds river water, the faint trace cool feeling raids the full whole body. This cool river water has contaminated the nature divine and wonderful spirit as if, a handful of may wash off all worries slightly only.

Walks at sight viewing stage, once for a while may see some tourists, although has the language differences, but from theirs face, I saw is rippling one kind of mood named happyness, has written all over shocking which is subdued by the nature. Yes, hundred mile art gallery's fine reputations are not have unearned reputation.

Human in mountain, and their heart is ascetic. Throws actually in city noisy, in the mountain tranquility, can let the impetuous mind obtain stably in here. breathing the mountain air, mixed not well-known flower fragrance slightly, is gladdening the heart, seizes the person heart and lungs. Perhaps was stays really has been long, also aquatic plants dyed green grass's flavor including the body on.

The setting sun in the western sky rosy-colored clouds at dawn, like poem like picture, the canyon has also put on the beautiful coat unconsciously, , pretty eye-catching, just like a vitality full young girl, shows a faint smile, among I have immersed.

Summer come to us carelessly like this, hhe leisurely flow's river water, is her sound of footsteps quietly. The luxuriant shade, is she gives us to meet the gift. The breeze is also gradually influenced by her, brings the  cool feeling. in the summer , I must pursue her footsteps.

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