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 Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon not only fine sceneries, moreover is a very huge plant treasure house, in which many millennium betel siberian elm, the mulberry tree, but also has precious Chinese yew, Mountain in Shansi flower, Mountain in Shansi chrysanthemum, Mountain in Shansi cliff cypress and so on. Today the introduction has above several hundred years for everybody the tree age wool 梾.
 Nearby this Lao Mao 梾 tree's located at king crag scenic area in Jade Emperor Chinese style pavilion, the entire tree trunk the people who prayed has been hung all over the red cloth strip, had nothing the color in the winter the season, flutter in the wind, was a Jade Emperor Chinese style pavilion sightseeing most important terrestrial reference, looked that the temple person a popular name has called for this Mao 梾qu: Propitious safe tree.
 Mao 梾 distributes in the Linzhou Mt. Taihang broadly, lays bricks the village, Xing Jiaman from mountain former Mountain in Shansi Shandong foothill's Li Jia the village starts to have the distribution, has arrived in Grand Canyon to have, but general wool 梾 for oak's under small bush, or microphanerophyte, but this Mao 梾tong above the height 15 meters, is Linzhou's wool 梾 tree king without doubt.
 The wool 梾, the dogwood branch 梾 wooden is the plant, the fallen leaf tree, is also one kind of arboreal oil plant, the fruit oiliness may reach 27-38%, for edible or makes the high-quality lubricating oil, therefore has “the oil tree” alternate name. Mao 梾 grows slowly, the lumber is hard, the texture is close, is artistic, may make the furniture, the vehicles, the farm tool urgently needs, therefore also has “the long-petioled dogwood” alternate name; Also has the slater common people to call it the wool chinaberry.
 The wool 梾 shape of tree is exquisite, spring unfolds the leaf, the summer opens the lap waste, the fall bears the green fruit, the winter fruit changes black, may take “all around” the afforestation and the conservation of water and soil tree seed. Wool 梾 compatible, the happy light bears the arid life to be long, the unusual plant disease, has the ornamental one kind of tree.
  This Mao 梾shu the king experiences roughly completely, had a look at the tree trunk to crack is two half, but also strong survival.
 Is called as the propitious safe tree's wool 梾
  Mao 梾 the branch, the peak blossoms, peak result.
 Falls in the ground wool 梾 fruit, if unfortunate is stepped on, on the flagstone will have the oil mark. Inside a fruit has two seeds.
 Nearby the long-haired pelt 梾 tree's short-haired pelt 梾, the estimate is the long-haired pelt 梾 descendants.
The precious wool 梾 king needs to deregulate, we pray wish Mao 梾du to know, but such bundling, Mao 梾 can be very painful. Recommended that the slater the forestry, the traveling department can remove the cloth strip which ties up excessively, may set nearby tree's parapet is hanging makes a vow the cloth strip.

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