Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon admission ticket purchase and use circular

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 Respect tourist friends: You are good!
 First, to friends' arrival represented that warm welcome, thanks you to select the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area. For the safeguarding general tourist's rights and interests, presently inform as follows on the admission ticket purchase and the use related item:
 First, Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area admission ticket including peach blossom valley, Mountain in Shansi day road and king crag, admission ticket
 in 48 hours valid, but the identical scenic spot may visit one time only.
 Second, the scenic area in the peach blossom valley, the king crag is equipped with the ticket office only, has not set up the booking place in other any place, also has not entrusted any personal to sell on behalf of someone the scenic area admission ticket; The purchase network pre-order form's tourist, please take the ticket in the peach blossom valley ticket office.
 Third, the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area admission ticket implements a person of ticket, cannot transfer, the scenic area main entry door and a minute scenic spot must examine documents, the admission ticket is not only enters the scenic area the certificate, is also the tourist safeguards own rights and interests the important basis, please properly take care, avoids losing and the damage.
 Tourist friends when buying tickets, please buy tickets through the regular channel; first, do not follow the social personnel to evade the examination receipt to enter the scenic area secretly; Second, do not purchase the low price, have the supplemental condition admission ticket, the above behavior will harm your legitimate rights and interests, please carefully treat.
 Fourth, the tourist like detected that the scenic area staff, the social personnel are engaged but in actually the ticket and steal run away the admission ticket line
 For, please supervise the department to the scenic area disciplinary inspection to report to the authorities, accepts telephone 6082999.

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