Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon summer day cool travel notes

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       We go to the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon's core area slater township first, here house has the characteristic extremely, builds completely by the stone, even the roof is also takes off in the cover by the local mountain on rock lamination, plain practical.
       The king crag scenic area, located at the Linlu prominent peak west side, is apart from the Linzhou urban district 25 kilometers. Here hills arches the green jade, the natural flow blue deep pool, is Zhong Ling the Yu Xiu's valuable land with a good geomantic omen, the line of kings military and political leader, the virtuous gentleman celebrities, the highly skilled doctor skilled worker, once here left behind the slot. Shang Dynasty country Wang Wuding and slave family background's Prime Minister Fu said once in the king crag housing and the life; Because the Eastern Han Dynasty last years famous litterateur Xia Fu “the party runs metal into cracks the calamity” to truncate sends for the monk living in seclusion king crag; Ming Dynasty Hebei Feixiang vividly Zhao results in Xiu to practice moral culture in the king crag grows the soul, occupies the mountain not shed; The Qing Dynasty Ministry of War supervises catches the right vice minister to permit the three li's to construct the villa in the king crag, has a comfortable old age; Three-country Cao Pi once stationed troops in the ant Jianshan to set up the stronghold, plans the great undertaking; Northern Qi Dynasty supernatural might emperor Gao Huan, the Ming Dynasty great soldier left good jade will command the soldier in the peach blossom hole, will fight up and down the country constructs the great undertaking. Is being suitable the stair on, saw that to two small ponds, two children plays with water in inside, the pool of water is very cool, but they very interesting playing, as soon as looked that apparent is the local child. Walks to, is the natural oxygen mountain road, here air moist fresh, everywhere is the mushroom, has black, white, the flower, all the way was discussing whether the mushroom can eat with the periphery vegetation's name, to has depended on nearby very quickly Shan Erjian the made of iron ladder. Crawls downward looked to the high place that the steep mountain massif and under the cover woods, the mountain canyon lets the human feel dizziness, continues is some fears, also for its danger and dizziness. Continues nearby the ear often to transmit the intermittent running water to stroke the rock the sound, saw finally from a mountain upper reaches share of waterfall, the water volume insufficient, but the dropping variance was not small. The waterfall not far away is the skyscraping tube ladder, 20 multi-layer's steps and ladders circle on, goes directly to in concave stone porch which digs actually in the sheer precipice knocks out, along the stone porch traversing waterfall winds again, but on goes nonstop to the item not to be possible and mountain. Facing makes the mountain which one admires greatly, we selected gave up. Very difficult to imagine on that higher mountain it is said also has a village, even surmounted the distant place the mountain to arrive at within the boundaries of Shanxi. Here mountain already Gao Qiedou, the gentle place actually trees cover, walks under the tree shade felt intermittent cool, after just climbed a mountain, Man Tou the big perspiration vanished without a trace in a moment.
       The peach blossom valley scenic area is a Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon's major scenic spot, benefits Fu Koucun from the mouth to stop to the valley peach blossom waterfall deep pool, span 7 kilometers. This valley is Grand Canyon's valley in valley, narrowest place has 20 meters only, in the valley has yellow Longtan, flies Long Xia, the bifurcation character waterfall, two Long Xizhu the waterfall, ninth Lian Bao, the god turtle meg long-lived, turtle scenic spots and so on egg stone, peach blossom hole, peach blossom deep pool waterfall. Both sides the valley the mountain towers, high peak towering, the trees are green and luxuriant, the scenery is grand. Along the ferroguinous plank road, looks that the under foot winds the winding peach blossom mountain stream, we flow swim against the stream. The plank road is exceptionally narrow, some places only then half meter width, although we lower the head bend down, often collides the slippery dike, here is peach blossom Gu Zuizhai place. Lifts present looks at the front surface is thousand ancient measure of length escarpments, resembles is roadless, when hundred revolutions of thousand chapters, saw on the opposite escarpment engraves “including the bead”, here inscribes “displays beautiful green color”, a small and narrow hanging bridge links both banks. Continues to lead the way the giant underwater sound to be clearer, the distant place mountain massif spans a megalith, they have two silver chains with the dike intersection point to leap forward the deep deep pool jubilantly, this scenic spot is “two Long Xizhu”. Although the stone after died at the age of stream erosion but it actually as before to clamp in there, this can not but let the human acclaim the nature the clever axe finger of God. Here is the water world, finds at everywhere brook, waterfall, murmur running water and deafening waterfall, likely sound of the tune harmonious wonderful sounds of nature. We from the office tedious, in the tense mood are already separated from, is cheerful along with this nature's music step. Is looking at the clear obvious bottom deep pool water, the merry amusement's fish and shrimp, I was out of control to be infatuated with by this deity place. When we are immersing, front giant underwater sound pulls back us the reality. In the canyon terminus, is the relatively open smooth place, a more magnificent picture appeared, the giant waterfall, that kind of feeling seems to have met before. “Huangguoshu waterfall!”The children shout first, we had not felt strange that their yelling, looked its that shape, the imposing manner, conditions as if just like concentrates the version “the Huangguoshu waterfall”, here is precisely the peach blossom valley essence shrinks in----“nine continually waterfall”. Children this time is most excited, is upon the jump in the waterfall following stone, no matter what the water splash, the water vapor flush splash to the whole body whole face. We heartily are also enjoying the nature mystery, hoped that forever pauses in that moment time, wanted to come the world fairyland to be also mediocre.
       The primal chaos iceberg is the Grand Canyon's riddle of nature, the end of summer midsummer in the green grass grove, the hole unexpectedly distributes in Shi Xiya in a big ice, the insolation not, the chilly weather, on 39 severe winter slopes the peach blossom welcomes the snow to be in full bloom. Specially, when to May, unexpectedly also remains under 346 meter peach blossom waterfall is reaching as high as more than 20 meters icebergs, the being possible be called marvelous sight. After crawling the steep 200 levels of stairs, front two sections of short stairs, I thought that saw the iceberg finally, had not thought that also had section of about 150 level of stairs to wait for me again, felt when could not crawl really, by now several bits descended the mountain the tourist mentioned on the mountain the amusing thing, I resolved or insist. After coming up, feels really compared to the mountain under cool, enters the ravine, feels the intermittent chill in the air, even has the expiration white mist. “here has the ice” the friend to shout, we have collected immediately, saw really in the stone slit the bulk the ice, stands in Dongkou only then a minute, already felt ice-cold.                      

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