Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon tour merit slightly

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  In April is precisely goes for a walk in the countryside at the qingming festival the season, 21 I and the friend agree drive go together Anyang to travel, morning 7 o'clock we the link set embark north Zhengzhou, on the Liulin high speed entrance, walks the around the city high transmit immediately Beijing Hong Kong and Macao to be high speed, then changes to the peaceful forest to be high speed, has gotten down high speed in Linzhou, drove high speed altogether uses 2.5 hours to arrive at the Linzhou urban district, passed through 50 minutes strokes along the index plate to arrive at this traveling destination Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area.

  Arrives at the scenic area the time is nearly 11 o'clock, because on the road on several service areas, led friend's child to delay a time on the road, planned 10 points to arrive at the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area originally (located at Linzhou slater town) simply to have a Chinese meal, our number of lines person has bought scenic area admission ticket 160, entered the peach blossom valley scenic area, the peach blossom valley is advanced a comparison drift valley shape tour area, the inside plank road repair comparison has the characteristic, if you too fat could not have passed really, an inside group walked, the dissimilar puddle waterfall, the plank road running water, was quite attractive, below is we in peach blossom valley several pictures, is truly pretty good. Walked for two hours, walked the peach blossom valley finally, scenery that person.

  Walks the peach blossom valley, we ride the scenic area the sightseeing sightseeing bus, passed through 10 several minutes time to arrive at the Mountain in Shansi day road scenic area, it is said this is Grand Canyon this year the new opening scenic spot, altogether did 10 several to look at the scenery Taiwan, truly was good, stands looks at the scenery Taiwan in each to see the canyon was dissimilar, this was truly one shocks person's Grand Canyon, the scenery is not ordinary. The entire canyon has given the human non-general shocking, stands in looks at the scenery on the stage, may appreciate the entire canyon, this is does not look in other scenic areas, overlooks the canyon the feeling likely is same on the scenery picture scroll, the entire canyon did not think for you the feeling, how does describe him not.

  Walked these to look at the scenery Taiwan, the afternoon stroke had finished, we descended the mountain, has looked for the peasant family guesthouse in the slater, less than a 100 dollar room, ate meal may order food, the price has not calculated expensively, our 7, 8 personally average per person 40 dollars,

Second days sleep wake, 8 o'clock, our crawling king crag, the entire king crag scenic area is somewhat similar and the mountain climbing, precipitous, grand, here is the valuable land with a good geomantic omen.

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