Mountain in Shansi day road scenic area

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 “Mountain in Shansi day road” scenic area summit of located at the Mt. Taihang, north peach blossom valley scenic area, winter solstice immortal rosy cloud valley scenic area, span approximately 30km, since the scenic area loop line tours path's important component, is the bird's eye view Mt. Taihang sublime scenery excellent position.
  While sits and watches the lathe finishing to walk randomly in the Mountain in Shansi day road, just likes places oneself hundred miles art galleries, the packed hole looks, there is no place is not the atmospheric boundless traditional Chinese painting mountain high tide volume, the profound canyon, the erectness dike, takes to the tourist the intense vision to frighten. The union appearance of the mountain hill shape, the Mountain in Shansi day road sets along the route has 10 places to look at the scenery Taiwan, looks out into the distance near the field, felt that broad-minded, the distracting thoughts all disappear.

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