National Day long vacation travel optimal Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon

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   Optimal recommends a traveling destination for you--Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon.

   The Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon is the country key scenic spot area, the national AAAA level tourist area, the national geology park, the Henan Province top-notch scenic spot area. In the scenic area the cliff rises up, the group peak is towering, the Taiwan wall interlocks, flows the waterfall four to hang, is “north the strong wind light” typical representative, already developed core scenic area including peach blossom valley, king crag and Mountain in Shansi day road. Selects the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon, the reason is very full:

   First, the excellent scenery, is worth going. Before Mid-Fall Festival, the scenic area leans large amount of money upgrade making the peach blossom valley already beautiful face appearance, in is famous grandly in Mt. Taihang, winds windingly, the limpid bright peach blossom mountain stream nearby the footsteps the flow, from time to time fervor bold, from time to time delicate composed, between the mood unexpectedly like like mountain stream is carelessly bright; Travels by the scenic area the sightseeing vehicle, arrives slowly has a meteoric rise looks at the scenery Taiwan, the exhausted personal appearance far changes slightly, the under foot is an elevation difference 400 meter, stretches out the precipice the glass to look at the scenery Taiwan, the extreme impact heads on, just like places the Colorado canyon the glass porch bridge.

   Second, alternates work with rest, suitable to go. Travelled like visual western-style food, side restaurant several vegetables has been sick of eating, it is necessary to expand the hunting zone, traded the taste. The Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon is lets the grand feast which the human anticipated, the scenic area be situated at Henan, Shandong, Hebei and place of the Shanxi four province border, drives from to tour, is away from appropriately, the time is appropriate, the mood is appropriate, expends appropriately.

   Third, moves the multi-colors, urges the human to go. Fall Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon color variegated, the wind clear cloud is pale, on September 15, “full of affection Mountain in Shansi, seven color canyons” the traveling festival opens, on September 18~21, the international friendly peace art festival conducts, period will depend on the Mountain in Shansi scenery organization development peace theme activity, puts together the group sinosaurus, the modern art show; On September 21 on ~26th, in 2012 two sides across the Taiwan Strait gliding parachute public competition; On October 1 on ~6th, Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon photography art show; On October 22 on ~28th, double ninth festival ten thousand person of climb up activities. The happy partner scenery altogether dances, can the beautiful scene festival, how can it be that the error.

   The scenic area guest takes the telephone: 0372-6082888

   The Zhengzhou tourists may consult the scenic area in Zheng Jigou: 0371-65732116 65735116 13838330513

   The automatic pilot tours the path: Beijing Hong Kong and Macao high speed - south forest high speed (Linzhou direction) - Linzhou toll station - Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area

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