Peach blossom valley scenic area

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 The peach blossom valley is in a Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon's mountain valley, is also the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area core scenic spot. It is by the mountain, the valley, the deep pool, the hole natural scenic area primarily.  
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 Peach blossom valley, natural potted landscape
 Because it “39 severely cold peach blossoms open, the end of summer intense summer heat water ices up with the 346 meter high Asian first high waterfall”, but world famous.
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 Peach blossom valley, natural potted landscape
 The peach blossom valley thing long 7 kilometers, the north and south extend 3.5 kilometers, the tour area 14 square kilometers, the elevation 800--1736 meter, elevation difference near 1 kilometer.
 The main tour scenic spot includes: Yellow Longtan, flies Long Xia, contains the bead, two Long Xizhu, ninth Lian Bao, the peach blossom deep pool waterfall, the peach blossom hole, too the polar ice hole and so on.
 The peach blossom valley landscape is unusual, high peak towering, winds the winding peach blossom mountain stream penetration in the entire canyon, the mountain stream both banks common vetch hangs down, weed-tree jungle luxuriant boundless, surges the green tide along with the mountain breeze to resemble the sea water to flap.
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 Peach blossom valley, natural potted landscape
 The mountain stream flows off which along the valley drops the waterfall, the waterfall is completed the deep pool, the deep pool waterfall is connected, furthermore the canyon mountain peak, mountain spring appearing, the cliff cliff flies the waterfall, the ravine, the ditch ditch sees the spring with great ease, framed the peach blossom Gu Shanling Shui Xiu's canyon water rhyme.
 The fog has lifted Yunshan changes, the flower holds the bird flying cry, the mountain waterfall falls the rope made of twisted bamboo strips, current deep pool Shui Chengru the mirror, the rocky mountain hoodoo is differ in thousands of ways, the forest luxuriant verdant onion is strongly fragrant, the limestone cave just likes darkly the labyrinth, the mountaineering stone diameter crisscross interweaves, 39 peach blossoms open in the snow, midsummer the ice hole passes the cold wind, this is to the peach blossom valley true picture. The peach blossom valley everywhere is the beautiful scene, Jing Jing annoys the human to be drunk.

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