Primal chaos iceberg travel notes

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 Had finished the peach blossom valley tour. After the inquiry native, entire family resolved that as soon as left the peach blossom valley not far primal chaos iceberg to tour again, went several minute disk mountain roads, arrived at the primal chaos iceberg under foot, was possibly here does not have the peach blossom valley fame to be big, comes here tourist not to be many, was very lonesome and quiet, was the relaxation body and mind good place, did not sell tickets temporarily, the admission ticket also exempted.  

The first section of mountain road has 200 multilevelly, a step stair, walks pants.

 The primal chaos iceberg is a Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon peach blossom valley scenic area scenic area. the &dm4dqpt& at the beginning of chaos the opening price ancient times, the primal chaos two meters four hung likely”, the primal chaos iceberg was in the fable Pan Gu opens the day the vestige. The primal chaos mountain mountain massif configuration was the gneiss crag, the aposandstone, the limestone composition antique, the ancient times, the Paleozoic Era mountain massif stratification plane, it was a natural Geological museum.

Midsummer the season, on in the mountain cavern will ice up, but to several nine cold winters, in the cavern will have emitted the intermittent steam, this kind of winter summer inversion's strange landscape, was really in society is rare. On the mountain opened fills not the well-known small wild flower, the son ascended, smelled is very fragrant. Arrived at the primal chaos mountain ice cavern finally, the board fence has blocked the portal, stood is leaving the Dongkou very far place to be threatening on the air conditioning, as if a big refrigerator.

 Billion years ago, the fierce plate movement, has accomplished here geological marvelous sight, the winter summer inversion. Who doesn't have to be able to say the reason accurately which the primal chaos iceberg forms. More will be the burning hot summer, in the ice cavern the ice piece will be more, will be colder, the autumn will start to warm up, the cold winter will approach, actually will be the warm like spring, several nine cold winters, the peach blossom will be in full bloom, in the hole will flutter red, outside hole flying snow. This lets the human feel truly inconceivable, the nature came a season to be unusual, lets how many people feel the natural mysterious charm.

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