Scenery magnificent Grand Canyon vertical stroke has been spoiled by God the place

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Scenery magnificent Taihang Grand Canyon,

Has been spoiled the place by God.

How should describe it?

Here has 5 name cards to respond you,

Comes, enters the Taihang Grand Canyon together!


Natural scenery name card


Blue cliff like black eyebrow coloring, red wall, if the rosy-colored clouds at dawn, set up the nebula birds with fine plumage, the deep pool deep green water, the scenery is wonderfully beautiful, called for the world. The scenic area four seasons scenery varies, fire imagination.

Spring, glorious weather, ten thousand wooden towering, fine spring day; , The beautiful scenery, the forest tree shallot, Ye Maoyin is midsummer deep; The golden autumn, the red leaves resemble the fire, the beans valley smell as sweet, annoy the human to be infatuated with; Deep winter, hills throws over the element, snow gleams white, hangs the ice rope made of twisted bamboo strips.





Humanities landscape name card

Essence or quintessence of things tianbao, person outstanding earth deities. Here Zhong Ling Yu Xiu's valuable land with a good geomantic omen, the line of kings military and political leader, the high official virtuous gentleman, the literary giant knight-errant, the celebrities eminent monk, the highly skilled doctor skilled worker, once here left behind the slot.

Shang Dynasty country Wang Wuding and slave family background's Prime Minister Fu said once in the king crag housing and the life; Because the Eastern Han Dynasty last years famous litterateur Xia Fu the &dm4dqpt& party runs metal into cracks calamity &dm4dqpt& to truncate sends for the monk living in seclusion king crag; Ming Dynasty Hebei Feixiang vividly Zhao results in Xiu to practice moral culture in the king crag grows the soul, occupies the mountain not shed; The Qing Dynasty Ministry of War supervises catches the right vice minister to permit the three li's to construct the villa in the king crag, has a comfortable old age; Three-country Cao Pi once stationed troops in the ant Jianshan to set up the stronghold, plans the great undertaking; Northern Qi Dynasty supernatural might emperor Gao Huan, the Ming Dynasty great soldier left good jade will command the soldier in the peach blossom hole, will fight up and down the country, fights for state power. Constructs the great undertaking. Peach blossom valley here people, start from the Shang Dynasty in here to multiply live, majestic Mt. Taihang breeds Chinese people, specially simple and honorable sincere, sincere good.


In addition, Taihang Grand Canyon or on a nation rural commerce station track Red Flag - - slater supply and marketing cooperative “shoulder-pole spirit” the birthplace, as well as the people's public servant, four has secretary the good example valley Wenchang's hometown.




Folk culture name card

A here cliff greenbelt, the simple deep like print, the intense esthetic ideal condition, is containing inexhaustible US and the miraculous glow, the folk custom common social practice is simple and honorable. In the Taihang Grand Canyon the residents construction makes use of local materials, Shi Jie, Shi Yuan, stone wall, stone column, Shi Ti, Shilou and nature unified whole, antique, makes one go into niceties.

      Makes the flowered stick is the Taihang Grand Canyon most representative folk performing arts. Is popular in Grand Canyon scenic area various villages, the colored stick long invites the eyebrow, the both sides has the hole, in the hole has the link, on the link has the small bell, according to the fixed program, raps spots and so on four limbs, shoulders, back, waist, may originating has the rhythm sound, the floral formula has the single-channel to mediate marches forward, two groups advances together, the overlapping alternation and so on, mainly uses in welcoming delivers the disciple the soldier and the holiday joyfully celebrates.


Flagstone room .jpg

Beating a drum

Local product good food name card

In peach blossom valley Taohuadian, peach blossom sister-in-law peach blossom surface. The peach blossom sister-in-law surface is the Taihang Grand Canyon peach blossom valley folk custom village characteristic surface. The powder which this kind of surface unique merit is bread flour Riga has which the third nine-day period after the winter solstice to pick the peach blossom grinds to, has the cosmetology to raise the face, the health care function, the semblance and the ordinary mixed sauce surface is similar, eats has plants the light peach blossom delicate fragrance.

      Henan's north species are rich, in the canyon the local product is innumerable. The well-known native products, have “the scarlet gown” the laudatory name Chinese prickly ash; Represents love in the Western flower language, loyal and the friendship rosemary, had already formed products and so on health care tea, seasoning, volatile oil, health care block; The quality of material is soft, the sense of reality is comfortable, the permeability is good, does not have the Mt. Taihang common people manual spinning and weaving old homespun cloth which the static electricity, does not hemstitch; Quality high, taste Chinese hawthorn; Raw material orthodox school, traditional process non-increase sweet potato starch noodles; The soft glutinous delicious oil fries the Chinese chestnut; The smell fragrant and mellow, the feeling in the mouth is mellow, also because of as the imperial palace high quality goods is called “the tribute rice” the millet; Has “long live”, “the longevity fruit” the name walnut; Original ecology honey and so on.


Peach blossom sister-in-law noodle restaurant

Chinese prickly ash




Sketch base name card

Here is the artistic exchange platform, is the drawing sketch creation source area. Because in Mt. Taihang model's scenery angle of view and Grand Canyon the unusual fault landscape attracted more and more nations higher, the medium art academies teachers and students has carried on creations here and so on fine arts, drawing, architecture.

The surroundings scenery is beautiful, the common social practice is simple and honorable, the village is plain, the house build accroading to the mountain's trend, the ancient common people residence, the flagstone room, the flagstone hospital, the flagstone ladder, the stone roll, the stone mill, the flagstone alley, everywhere is the picturesque source material!

Draws from nature 1

Draws from nature 2

Draws from nature 3

Taihang Grand Canyon, not only these 5 name cards can describe , has not seen its person not to understand. Walks, goes to the Taihang Grand Canyon together!




Taihang Grand Canyon is a national key scenic area and a national geological park. It was awarded as a national 5A-class tourist attraction in 2016 and was awarded as "the most famous Chinese mountain for Korean tourists" by the Korea Tourism Association. Scenic spots include: springs and waterfalls Peach Blossom Valley, one hundred mile Gallery Taihang Sky Road, soul of Taihang Wang Xiangyan, the ecological canyon drifting. Scenic tickets valid for two days, where you can relax, spend leisurely throughout the weekend.

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