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  • <Travel Together>come to LinZhou Taihang Grand Canyon for shooting


    "One Travel" the motion picture team enters the Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon! From May 15 to May 17, the Henan health regards the star honorable person Xiu program "One Travel" the motion picture team arrives at the Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon to carry on three day-long photography. Read More

  • When prairie character meet Taihang scenery


    Does the matter! Does the matter! Does the matter! The prairie character and style and did the Mountain in Shansi scenery fervor collision, what type spark rub? The horse's head qin pulls the sound Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon, what type US deducted Grand Canyon? Some friends from distant place, delight! On May 8, the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon welcomed one batch to come from the Inner Mongolian Baotou's guests. Read More

  • [5·19 National Tourism Day]The big discount on ticket!


    In January Spring Festival has not contributed money in February valentine day to squander money in March, in April spring tour had not saved money in May to hope before Labor Day fifth day of the fifth lunar month, makes money diligently you who the daily toiling and laboring goes to work, is time comforts own heart! I thought that your day does not survive the money, is actually at a high game! Read More

  • [5 12 International Nurse Day]Taihang Grand Canyon offers you the ticket free policy


    Just had packed off “54 youth days”, we have welcomed the nurse holiday---512 international nurse festivals. The nurse festival, the nurse rests, nurse festival resting nurse elder sister! The Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon - on May 13 will put “the price” on May 12th for the nurses, carrying out exempts the admission ticket preferential policy. Read More

  • Labor Day is on the way,there are couple things you should to know


    If you didn't play enough at Qingming Festival,then the national day is your chance to makeup. had the opportunity to release for flight finally oneself, but the great-hearted whole wide world, where did the world that leave for good, only then did not disappoint this rare small long vacation, looked at here, listens to the senior donkey friends to be distracted the recommendation, 51 came the Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon, in fine weather and favorable geographical position the human and really was really good looking! Read More

  • The Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon tourism development co. LTD Recruitment announcement


    The Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon travels the development Limited company is the Henan investment group Limited company capitalization subsidiary company, presently because of the job requirement, publicly advertizes for one group of staff: First, employment advertize post and requirement (one) office assistant director: 1, Wen Mi, the administration and so on above the related specialized undergraduate course the school record, above 2 years is related the work experience, familiar office administration knowledge and archives writing format Read More

  • Taihang resort - Little West


    Talks about the small Western Paradise, can not but call that it Mt. Taihang's in paradise, here peak wrong peak, curved continually curved, the escarpment is steep, is surrounded by perils, on the cliff is Shanxi reaches smoothly carries on the back the boundary, is known as summit of the Mountain in Shansi, under the cliff is the Henan Linzhou's Mt. Tianping scenic area, the scenery grand, the mountain road winds, because it is situated at the Henan Linzhou west direction, looks at the small Western Paradise from Linzhou, is the sheer precipice enters Yunsiao's barrier. Read More

  • Among the heavy snow in the Taihang Grand Canyon 5A level


    The Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area located at the Henan Province Linzhou, canyon north and south long 50km, high point elevation 1739m, the height relationship reaches above 1000m, is continuous hundred miles canyons grandly tall and straight, has formed the unique canyon esthetics, has intensely shocks the strength. Read More

  • Taihang Grand Canyon summer cool travelogue


    We go to the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon's core area slater township first, here house has the characteristic extremely, builds completely by the stone, even the roof is also takes off in the cover by the local mountain on rock lamination, plain practical. The king crag scenic area, located at the Linlu prominent peak west side, is apart from the Linzhou urban district 25 kilometers. Read More

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