Taihang Grand Canyon welcome its “ best time”

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on November 4, 2016, Red Flag ditch·Taihang Grand Canyon tourist scenic zone success promotion for national 5A level tourist scenic zone. Symbolized the Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area welcomes “the best time”.


Creates the 5A time:Overcoming all obstacles and moving forward

         Creates the 5A level scenic area, is a comprehensive promotion project. The Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area strict comparison country 5A level tourist scenic zone quality scale standard requirement, writes the scenic area traveling to plan and to promote the plan carefully, the high standard consummates the traveling matching facilities, the high grade standard scenic area supervisory service, the high level making traveling takes vacation the brand. Passed smoothly has encompassed the traveling transportation, the tour service, the traveling safety, hygienic and the conditions, the posts and telecommunications service, the traveling shopping, the integrated management, the resource and the environmental protection eight big aspect altogether more than 200 grading main point appraisal.

         The blood and sweat famous colt, draws out the foot to save the great distance will; The circle high Manchurian crane, gains ground then the penetrating deepest part sound. The Taihang Grand Canyon strength with has both diligently, goes up steps by the sonorous sound of footsteps on, stepped into the 5A time.


       The national 5A level tourist scenic zone is in the present our country tourist area rank highest rank, the Henan Province total 13 5A level tourist scenic zone, this 13scenic area area in the landscape value, the cultural value, the scientific value, the market radiation, the subject individuality, popularity, landscape integrity and singularity, resource scale and abundance aspects and so on fine reputation manifests the world personal status.

The Mt. Guanshan first experience road is especially long, the distant place, the bugle sounds.


Post-5A time: roll up our sleeves to work harder

       Creates 5A not to be easy to defend 5A to be more difficult, the national 5A level tourist scenic zone is not “the lifelong system”. The creation country 5A level tourist scenic zone, is not the Taihang Grand Canyon travels the development rests, but is the auxiliary booster which promotes it to promote again.

       The promotion is acting: The Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon toll station timely begins using

      To "about South Forest Highway Red Flag Ditch Development zone Toll station Will change the name according to the Henan Province people's government (Henan hands over (2016)68 number article) for Taihang Grand Canyon Toll station's Report" gives a written reply to a subordinate the opinion, south the forest highway Red Flag ditch development zone toll station changes the name officially in November 9, 2016 as the Taihang Grand Canyon toll station, this toll station is away from the Taihang Grand Canyon tourist core only 8 kilometers, is equipped with the consummation, the clear tourist scenic zone direction product label along the way, goes to the Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area most convenient transportation path from the TaihangGrand Canyon toll station evil ways.


      The promotion is acting: Red Flag ditch·The Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area tourist core startled presents colorfully

      Red Flag ditch·The Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area tourist core project located at the Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area entrance, divides into the parking lot, the tourist synthesizes the service area, the shopping area, function areas and so on traveling reception area, a project issue occupies a land area of 265 Chinese acres, invests 150,000,000 Yuan, on April 28, 2017 puts into service.

      Red Flag ditch·The Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area tourist core is the Linzhou important traveling infrastructure, undertakes for the Red Flag ditch scenic area, the Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area is providing the comprehension service the function. Has the admission ticket sale, the traveling consultation, the vehicles transfers, the parking, the shopping, the dining, the demonstration, the goods checks and so on comprehension service function, can simultaneously park 600 large-scale passenger trains, 1200 station wagons. Two issues will also form a complete set the construction lodgings to receive facilities and so on facility, gas station.


      The promotion is acting: Mt. Taihang most US road Lin Shixian upgrades the transformation to finish

      Lin Shixian is links Linzhou and the Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area traveling road, the span 13 kilometers, is goes to the Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area the main road, for better serves the tourist, sharpens path's transport capacity, started the path improvement project in October, 2016, on April 28, 2017 finishes is open to traffic.

      This project for the beautiful road demonstration highway construction project, the project scope mainly for Lin Shixian along the route both sides afforestation project, the path transforms, the street-traffic control lights and the street light and so on. After Lin Shixian clears officially, will sharpen path's transport capacity greatly, the promotion traveling road service level.


        The promotion is acting: Taihang Grand Canyon tourist resources conformity at high speed

        Linzhou has the advantageous scenery resource Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area and the red traveling classical Red Flag ditch scenic area, at present the Linzhou Government and the Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area throws the capital Henan investment group to carry on the new round resource conformity, estimated that will complete the Red Flag ditch Taihang Grand Canyon tourist service center, the slater dew river water surface landscape project, before July, 2017 project and so on Taihang ridge scenic spot tourist resources conformity control, in before May, 2018, completes the Taihang Grand Canyon first cable car, “peach blossom other hospital” the village travels the demonstration garden to start doing business, after resource conformity, with joint forces will make into Linzhou's traveling industry the Linzhou third item of pillar industry, the Henan investment group also inIn the new round resource conformity, take the Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area as the foundation, the developmentTo province in high quality tourist resources capital and control conformity.

The Taihang Grand Canyon already stepped into “the best time”, latter 5A time, our pawnshop!


       Taihang Grand Canyon is a national key scenic area and a national geological park. It was awarded as a national 5A-class tourist attraction in 2016 and was awarded as "the most famous Chinese mountain for Korean tourists" by the Korea Tourism Association. Scenic spots include: springs and waterfalls Peach Blossom Valley, one hundred mile Gallery Taihang Sky Road, soul of Taihang Wang Xiangyan, the ecological canyon drifting. Scenic tickets valid for two days, where you can relax, spend leisurely throughout the weekend.

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