The Linzhou peach blossom valley breeze scenic area captures

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   The Linzhou slater peach blossom valley riding plan: Linzhou - - slater ticket price 10 Yuan  
   Latest bus service in the afternoon 3:30
   The slater to the peach blossom valley's bus service, has not been able to take the taxi only. The small surface may sit 8
 The human, the price does not surpass 30 Yuan, was sure to remember that do not let the driver help buying a ticket, has buys
   The ticket can arrive at the peach blossom valley traveling only, but cannot go to the king crag traveling. (peach blossom Gu Hewang
 The crag scenic spot with belongs to the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area, is the through ticket, the ticket price 61 Yuan, the student half price) the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon peach blossom valley (hill village) welcome you the presence! May provide eats meal, lodgings!
   The Linzhou peach blossom valley breeze scenic area is a Mt. Taihang Grand Canyon's scenic spot. Is the lover, the spring tour, goes for a walk in the countryside at the qingming festival, a summer vacation good destination.
 Recommended: Buys the connection ticket to stroll the peach blossom valley breeze scenic area (1-2 hour) to sit and watch the lathe finishing to tour the king crag (the king crag is afterward first in the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon one of major scenic spots. It is situated in the Grand Canyon slater township. Why does the king crag acquire fame? Hands down in 3300
   Many years ago, is also the B.C. 11 centuries, discussed Wang Wuding and slave family background Prime Minister Fu said that once had lived in here, king housing place, therefore this place is called the king crag. )    
 Geographical position: The Mt. Taihang Grand Canyon Linzhou peach blossom valley natural scenic spot located at the Linzhou slater township within the boundaries, has the natural ecology landscape large-scale limestone cave landscape and the historical culture humanities landscape characterful. Is apart from the county 40 kilometers, is apart from 209 federal highway 14 kilometers, the scenic area total area 1940 hectares, the forest land area 681 hectares.    
 Automatic pilot: When walks the Beijing bead high speed quickly to Anyang, transfers the peaceful forest to be high speed, then goes straight high speed to Linzhou under then to the slater.    
 Admission ticket price: 40 Yuan chartered cars: From urban district to scenic spot 30/1 people, chartered car 60.    Public transportation: Rides to the urban district Linzhou motor station toward the slater public transportation, then 2 kilometers arrive at the destination - Linzhou peach blossom valley breeze scenic area approximately on foot.

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