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  • In scenic area transportation and parking manual


    Based on the natural resource safeguarding and the scenic area traffic condition, to avoid the massive vehicles parking, the travel create the destruction in the core scenic area to the conditions, reduces the traffic safety hidden danger, after the tourist arrives at the scenic area, must bring the vehicles to park in the parking lot, transfers the scenic area interior sightseeing vehicles. Read More
  • Travel of - automatic pilot the Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon tours the path


    National key scenic spot scenic spot, national AAAA level tourist area, Henan Province top-notch scenic spot area. The Henan Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon and the Shanxi Huguan Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon inherits, namely a canyon stretches across two provinces, a various tubes section, unique. Read More
  • The Grand Canyon scenic area on third swims


            While appreciates the Mountain in Shansi scenery, understands spectacular view, may also in travel in the stroke to arrange the artificial Milky Way[Red Flag ditch], successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations mansion[Ma manor], world culture inheritance[Yin Dynasty ruins], national hero[Yue Fei temple], Book of Change place of origin[羑 in city]And so on humanities scenic spots.  The specific scenic spot combination mode, the automatic pilot and personal You Ke rest on arrives at the scenic area the time to arrange nimbly; The association tourists may consult to the travel agency. Read More
  • The Grand Canyon scenic area on second swims


    Tours soul of the Mountain in Shansi[king crag](global 3 hours tour the spring deep pool to fold the waterfall approximately)[peach blossom valley](global 2.5 hours tour hundred miles art galleries approximately)[Mountain in Shansi day road](global 4 hours tour the virgin forest approximately)[primal chaos iceberg], this scenic spot is the present project, does not examine documents temporarily (global approximately for 3 hours)   Read More

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