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    National key scenic spot scenic spot, national AAAA level tourist area, Henan Province top-notch scenic spot area. The Henan Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon and the Shanxi Huguan Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon inherits, namely a canyon stretches across two provinces, a various tubes section, unique. Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon including three big scenic areas: King crag scenic area, peach blossom valley scenic area, primal chaos iceberg scenic area. Three scenic areas assume the tripod to set up the shape. King crag scenic area demonstration is the mountain scenery, the peach blossom valley scenic area demonstration is a water scene, but because the primal chaos iceberg scenic area has the cavern which the midsummer ices up but orphaned fragrant proud.
  [ticket]The scenic area implements a through ticket ticket system, the ticket price 160 Yuan (admission ticket 100 Yuan, Jing Jiaoche fare 60 Yuan); Student and 60-69 year old person depending on valid identification 110 Yuan (admission ticket 50 Yuan, Jing Jiaoche fare 60 Yuan). The admission ticket may in the king crag and in the peach blossom valley two scenic areas willfully a scenic area ticket office purchase. The bearing a ticket may the playing king crag scenic area, the peach blossom valley scenic area, the primal chaos iceberg three scenic areas. In second valid.
  [lives]The slater town and leads to the king crag scenic area on the road, the peasant family yard is everywhere. In which ordinary between must be more than the standard. The price is very mixed, and has the seasonal characteristic. Generally speaking, ordinary 20-30 Yuan//day, during double sign 50-70 Yuan//day. If during standard you do not need the air conditioning, then may reduce 10 Yuan. (even if is the midsummer intense summer heat, wants the coverlet in here evening, let alone the air conditioning, is the electric fan is decorates. )
   Recommended that lives in the slater town, the reason has 3: First, facilitates rides in a carriage, returns to Linzhou or Anyang's automobile initial sending stands in the town the parking lot; Second, the convenient shopping, in the town has two big supermarkets, on the street also has many local product stores, its three, facilitates plays, the slater town is situated at the king crag and peach blossom valley two big scenic area among, comes up two big scenic areas from the town is the equidistance nearly.
 [line]Walks from the slater town to the king crag scenic area 25 minutes, walks to the peach blossom valley scenic area 20 minutes.
 Because the scenic area is the canyon shape, does not have the mountain to climb, therefore three scenic areas do not have the rope way.
 Jing Jiaoche the initial station in the peach blossom valley, the end point is also the peach blossom valley, the one-way road, the global more than 40 kilometers, lasts for approximately 2 hours. The driving line is the big loop: Peach blossom valley--Summit road (day road)--Under mountain road--King crag scenic area gate--Slater town--Peach blossom valley. (whenever on day road has several scenic spots, Jing Jiaoche a scenic spot must stop, lets tourist get out to enjoy scenery photograph, time is 10 minutes).
 In the slater town has many bicycles to rent a car the point, the vehicle type for the mountain bike and the two person bicycle, 5 Yuan/hours; 30 Yuan/days.
 City and countryside public transportation school grade order: Linzhou--Slater (6 Yuan): Daily 2-3 class, most early a class 9:00
 Slater--Linzhou (6 Yuan): Early morning 6:00-7:00 has 4 class of 13:30
 Anyang west station--Slater (after Linzhou): 8:50 14:50
 Slater--Anyang west station (after Linzhou): 5:50 12:50
  Automatic pilot line
    Embarks from Linzhou along is popular Lin Jie to the west, from rotary island's 1 export the Chang An middle of the mill right face, enters the Red Flag ditch main road, 228 provincial roads/too travels from rotary island's 3 exports continues along 228 provincial road vanguard process 1 rotary island left face, goes, no matter what 芣 the line, in the second street intersection left face, faces no matter what 芣 the line marches forward in the first street intersection right face, enters, no matter what 芣 line then.
  [food]May in the peasant family which stays subscribe meal, may also the random hotel go to eat in the town. Certainly may also buy food self-service in the supermarket.
  [buys]In the slater town has two big supermarkets, although in scenic area, but the cargo price is quite just, for example: Kang Shifu mineral substance water 1 Yuan/bottle, on mountain 3-4 Yuan/bottle; Cucumber 1.5 Yuan/catties, on mountain 3 Yuan/. And so on.
 In the town has many local product stores. In the scenic areas nearby the mountain road also has spreads one's wares on the ground for sale sells the mountain products, like an unshelled almond 10 Yuan about catty, a walnut 10-15 Yuan catty, and so on.
  [friendship prompt]
 The Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon on the first tour preferred plan (three big scenic areas):
 Slater town walk---8:00 enters the peach blossom valley scenic area---Ninth Lian Bao---Parking lot---Rides in a carriage to the day road entrance when gets out---Walk to primal chaos iceberg scenic area---Plays the primal chaos iceberg scenic area---Returns to day road entrance Hou Che---Rides in a carriage You Tianlu---(Floats cloud top) in the king crag scenic area summit entrance to get out (to discuss with driver)---Along stair under to Jade Emperor Chinese style pavilion---(I.e. tube ladder that end) a group descends the mountain (king crag scenic area scenic spot from the right side mountain road to concentrate on the right side mountain road)---Leaves on the king crag scenic area gate the road---The left-hand walks 25 minutes to return to the slater town (global approximately 8-9 hour)

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