Touring of the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon

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  When the automobile start slowly, my this vacation travels also soon starts, has prepared such several days, is for this day journey. Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon, in my vacation prepares, has unzipped its in a veil of mystery.

  I have not followed the travel agency travel, but selected itself alone to climb mountains. Arrives at the peach blossom valley first, latter to king crag. A king crag scenic area group is the heroic range real man slope, constructs on the sheer precipice the road also is really steep. The king crag descends the mountain in the journey has 88 meter high revolving staircases, comes up may sit the cliff rope way, under the feeling in the upper air conditions stimulation.

Has in here hires bicycle's service, one hour 2 Yuan, one day is 10 Yuan. Is the brand-new car, rides the bicycle on the mountain is very satisfied. Here has the student who very comes here to draw from nature, they have become this scenic area scenery.

  Here scarlet gown Chinese prickly ash is very good, the meal has expensively also has the small advantage, on the mountain has the wild herbs, under the feeling wild herbs' taste, experienced that past the age, might select.

Is the evening is a little cold.

  Here mountain grand, lets the human with ease understand the motherland beautiful country; The water a little tangled up flavor, is very limpid, is very cool. The air is fresh, lets the human who we live for a long time in the city feel the natural flavor. Good Shan Haoshui wealthy family. Has the time if really, wants to live really for one month in here, what a pity, does not have that long vacation.

The feeling works as the individual tourist to be very free, the time is sufficient, the only flaw is the transportation must depending on own solution, but the mood is good, does not have the shopping worry.

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