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Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area, which located at Shibanyan township, Linzhou Anyang. The Taihang Grand Canyon has the typical north scenery characteristic, besides the boundless forest and waterfall, also everywhere the obvious knife truncates the cliff which the axe divides, it’s“north scenery”typical representative. The entire scenic area divides into three wide ranges: The peach blossom valley, the wangxiangyan and the Taiji iceberg, in additional, also have the Taihang sky road near  peach blossom valley to be possible to play.

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The scenic area has two entrances, respectively is: Peach blossom valley entrance and king crag entrance. In three scenic areas, the peach blossom valley “the water scene” most US, in the valley the vegetation is everywhere luxuriant, is the waterfall which the mountain stream collects, flies the stream from the summit, but under collects each one puddle; In king crag area “mountain scenery” best, has opens cutting in the cliff plank road, constructs on the cliff 80 meter high tube ladders and so on, if you are the outdoors mountaineering amateur, here cannot miss; The primal chaos iceberg is in a mountain cave, in the hole has year to year not the cold ice; But the Mountain in Shansi day road, the entire journey has the sightseeing vehicle which the scenic area provides (fare and admission ticket bundling sale), you may appreciate Mt. Taihang's grand grand appearance in the vehicle. Scenic area admission ticket in second valid, in two day, the tourist may the bill pass in and out the scenic area many times. Plays the scenic area to need generally two days, every day tours in the scenic area an area (to enter from scenic area two different entrances). After at the same day tours finished, leaves the scenic area, outside scenic area slater township lodgings, here distance scenic area two entrance walk about 30 minutes.

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