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After coming back, has been busy with the work, until now comes to feel. The admission ticket is 160RMB, on the City Net the online booking can have a discount! Here is very really attractive, even  in March and April scenery is also very beautiful. Doesn’t have too many people, stays is not very expensive, our 5 people lived in wangxiangyan scenic area entrance, not expensive but clean, kinda peasant family style , the dishes were a little small expensive, but acceptable. Grand Canyon has two scenic areas, a peach blossom valley and Taihang sky road,which in the same place. wangxiangyan, two kilometers away from peach blossom valley and Taihang sky road, the shibanyan township located at the middle of the road, two scenic areas needs to drive or walk, the peach blossom valley has scenic area vehicle, besides there are many other challenging sceneries, like the airborne plank road (has acrophobia not good) and so on. Wangxiangayn is also a very characteristic scenic area, stimulates very thrillingly, like on cliff scaling ladder, supporting-heaven pillar, but also has the slippery rope and so on, mmm! so thrilling! The ticket is worthy very much; The management of this scenic area  was also very perfect, mounts the supporting-heaven pillar background area to go against in the cliff has also repaired an alley also unusually breathtaking! We come across the staff was cleaning the scenic area , at that time we asked somethig about the scenic area, they answered patiently, the feeling is very good! If you love stimulating and thrilling travel,don’t miss Taihang Grand Canyon.

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