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This time goes to the Grand Canyon, the road is winding, we did not know beforehand that the road is under building and cannot pass through when we almost got there. so it took us two more hours to the destination. Because the road is been building, the tourists are not too many this year, subscribes the tickets from the City Net, also gives preferential benefit very much. Taihangi Grand Canyon divides into the peach blossom valley, the Taihang sky road and Wangxiangyan, because we can only took the ticket at the peach blossom valley entrance, we went to the peach blossom valley at first. the scenery is very really attractive, in the mountain the snow does not melt completely, is very magnificent. We took sightviewing bus the whole journey at Taihang sky road, three scenic spots stop to play, finally return to the peach blossom valley entrance. Go to the Wangxiangyan need to walk probably 3 kilometers, you’d better drive. But the floating soul bridge in wangxiangyan was under repaire, cannot play, which was very regretful. Only play that 88 meter ladder, really was very thrilling. Generally speaking the Mountain taihang Grand Canyon is really very good.

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