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Person who Has toured the Yubei Taihang Grand Canyon's cannot forget the Linlv scenic spot male wonderful steep. Now, the Linzhou person develops view sighting channel above Grand Canyon,looked under shoulders the blue sky to face, suspend in midair like walking on sky road.     

Goes in from the peach blossom valley scenic area, walk across yellow Longtan and nine continually waterfall, human already in midair. Taihang mountain stands erect like the supporting-heaven pillar, the blue sky white clouds winds around, on the cliff dwelling place of celestial beings, the stone rooms and the luxuriant fruit tree, fall crops harmonious integrate into a body, the north and south Fine arts academy many hangs in this has place the sketch base signboard. Meets the level area in the mountains place to have others, in village threshing floor, stone edge-runner pan, firewood haystack and laundry stone also. Arrives in road's yard to rest the moment, sits asks for the bowl tea to drink, looks up to in the range the terraced fields tier on tier, the patch of land is long and narrow, the corn and the millet interweave the shop to be green. The Mountain Taihang, the mountain dwellers farm certainly in the trench seize every opportunity, the blue color long and narrow stone builds the batardeau, the framing excellent traditional Chinese painting source material. This terraced field and on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau plants the rice the terraced field, all considerable, but the view is different. If the fall comes leaves turn red and yellow, that should be how attractive and startled colorful?


Walks a way to stop, this mountain actually looked that mountain is low.  east Canyon straight like The Great Wall, also like in the Qinghai-Tibet Plain big meadow the high-rising mountain ridge suddenly, some tune was suddenly concave, falls has formed the big gap, the fable was called Luban the gully since time immemorial. The Qing Dynasty Linzhou local writer recites the sentence: Pulls out the cotton rose to bond the blue sky, the mountainside breaks stone gate to honor suddenly. The black-and-white film "Li shuangshuang" once selected a scene in this. Luban gully was the only shortcut before 1974. The famous shoulder-pole spirit, the Linzhou shibanyan Supply and marketing cooperative's story occurs in this.


6:00 pm, the sky had presented the livelihood same splendor beautiful scene. At this time we arrived at the Wangxiangyan scenic area unconsciously, on the cliff the straight steep artificial tall ladder braves to have resting platform, the halfway up the mountainside temple complements, The accompaniment  host tells us, on the canyon looks at the scenery the road, the first period clears more than 50 kilometers, but must continue to repair, till thetaihang Pinghu water in the north. 

Descends the mountain to the shibanyan township seat of the government, faces the street all builds up sells the local product the facade room. After the supper, has the women and children to accompany the musical sound to jump the fitness dance in the small square, the supply and marketing cooperative has become a big supermarket.


Next day will leave the Linlv mountain and pass by The Red Flag Canal, the canal and the road parallel section, is the traveling bus which come to us one after another. From Yao village boundary downward, saw in the basin outside Linzhou's urban dynasty to expand many, link Anyang -Linzhou highway directly. Car dealership both quickly and steady, this moment remembered the little while ago and senior poet Wang Shouqing in a scene, he just came back, old county party committee secretary Yang from Beijing who mentioned the past years with Yangagui,the secretary of Linzhou couple years ago. He is rewriting the Red Flag canal's story in spite of his illness together with other writers.  Grand Canyon, The Red Flag Canal; The shibanyan township, Linzhou person, a generations of another generation are really imprssive!

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