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Path:3thOct, self-driving from Zhengzhou,lead by the guideboards .very convenient and easy to find.

took the ticket: The Mountain Taihang Grand Canyon has two booking points, the online booking tickets can taken only in peach blossom valley.the ticket is 48 hour validity, shows a ticket the time take the face value in as a standard. 2 days are enough for travlling. The Taihang sky road and the peach blossom valley belong to the same scenic area, recommended that takes one day to appreciate slowly, the scenic area has the ferry vehicle, suit old person the children . The Wangxianyan mainly climbs a mountain primarily, it will take 3 hours to young people back and forth. Not suitable for kids and elderly people. 

Scenic area position: Walks Lin Shixian to walk into the mountain, passed by first a scenic area Xianrentai, which tickets is 30, didn’t included at the Grand Canyon ticket scope. And next is a very long tunnel, had passed by the peach blossom valley scenic area, may the vehicle stop the roadside to trade the ticket first temporarily, continues the vanguard three kilometers, arrived at the slater village, so-called village, is also a long approximately 500 meter blue flagstone street, is the lodgings place, might look for an apartment first. Continues to lead the way approximately three kilometers, arrived at the wangxiangyan scenic area. In another word, the shibanyan township located between the two scenic areas, recommended that drives from the lodgings to the scenic area, because three kilometers’ walk is quite long.

 room and board: The shibanyan township has two guesthouses, the Grand Canyon style hotel is the best, but a little bit expensive, a standard room at National day holiday is 398RMB/day, but the wangxiangyan hotel has been cheaper, 298RMB/day at National day holiday, we lived at haiqing family hotel, even cleaner than the wangxiangyan hotel, price is 150RMB for a standard room.

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