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The scenic area including three parts: peach blossom valley, the Taihang Sky road, the Wangxiangyan scenic area, strolled the peach blossom valley and the Taihang Sky road in the afternoon. the peach blossom valley is the water, the waterfall, hanging plank road, a little small thrilling, the Taihang Sky road is rides the scenic area sightseeing vehicle to watch the Mountain Taihang, the God does not cooperate, cloudy day, therefore cannot took very good photos, also has the glass bridge built on cliffs, walked a few steps, but too fear to finish it. The second day scenic spot main feature is thrilling. Crossed the wooden bridge swayingly, is the continual stairs, to the hanging plank road, only then this road, could not think that bypassed is not good, braces oneself upward crawls, under does not dare to look,my legs are a little sore, hurries to adjust, crawls, hurries to crawl, hurries to leave here, crossed this section finally! Is the forest bathing porch, the smooth alley, the cool breeze blows gently, the lovely green trees, very satisfied, this is the reward by the nature. But challenging follows enjoyment, skyscraping ladder, another building on cliff! However this time has two selections, go this way or another way. I firm do not come up originally, but the brave son uses both hard and soft tactics, combines threats with inducements to compel me,ok, for the son,i choose challange myself. On, transfers the extension, a little faints, arrived finally. my excitment was beyond my expression! Without the son, I will not challenge myself.

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