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         First, the scenic area visit ticket adopts the through ticket system, in the ticket price including the admission ticket and the sightseeing fare, the scenic area is equipped with the ticket office separately in the king crag scenic spot and the peach blossom valley scenic spot and the examination receipt place, in which peach blossom valley scenic spot and the Mountain in Shansi day road uses in common the identical examination receipt place.


  Second, the scenic area admission ticket uses the bar code recognition, implements a person of ticket, is accurate for the guarantee information recognition, please do not visit the ticket fold and the damage.


  Third, the visit ticket is the tourist visits tours and safeguards own rights and interests the important certificate, the scenic area implements in the entrance examination receipt, the area the temporary examination receipt and exports the examination receipt control, please properly take care of the visit ticket, avoids losing.


  Fourth, the visit ticket from buys, in 48 hours valid, the tourist may enter in by ticket the scenic area each independent scenic spot, but cannot duplicate tours, the tourist may depend on the visit ticket to set up in the scenic area any one anchors the site to ride in a carriage.


  Fifth, visit ticket including single-line traffic expense, if must tour the scenic area once more, please buy tickets.


  Sixth, the peach blossom valley's nine waterfall parking lot is equipped with the Mountain in Shansi day road sightseeing vehicle initial sending station continually, should the station last bus starting out time along with the seasonal adjustments (in April - in October be 17:00, other months see ticket office and official network bulletin). Arrives at the scenic area time based on the tourist the difference, please possible arrangement tour line and tour time. (note: The king crag scenic spot normal tour time is 2 hours; Peach blossom valley scenic spot and Mountain in Shansi day Lu Liancheng tours the time is 4 hours, in which peach blossom valley approximately 1.5 hours).


  Seventh, the visit ticket does not take reimburses the certificate, buys tickets when welcome receive the receipt to the stipulation window.


  Eighth, through the website purchase's electronic ticket, the buying tickets person must hold buys tickets the certificate to designate the window to receive in exchange the official visit ticket; The scenic area provide's each type coupon, must receive in exchange the official visit ticket to the window.

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