When prairie character meet Taihang scenery

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The prairie character and the Taihang scenery fervor collision, what type spark rub?

horse head string instrument play at Taihang Grand Canyon,make both of them  radiant.

Some friends from distant place, delight! On May 8, the Taihang Grand Canyon welcomed one batch to come from the Inner Mongolian Baotou's guests. Baotou Broadcast Television station and the Inner Mongolia prairie performance group comes the Taihang Grand Canyon photography promotional film.

Horse's head qin 1

The tourist who came to Taihang Grand Canyon really have good luck,saw the Taihang Grand Canyon and prairie character mixed beauty! Has not come the friend should not be annoyed, has the splendid picture and the video frequency onlooking!

Horse's head qin 2

Horse's head qin 3

Is following the rhythm cheerfully, passionate Wharf tweedle , the Inner Mongolian beautiful girl dances lightly. Shows the prairie unique charm character and style: Straightforward, bold, warm, simple and honorable ......Greatly beautiful taciturnity!Horse's head string instrument rhyme + prairie character and style dance + Taihang Grand Canyon, Really attractive!

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The beautiful host do it on herself,to experience peach blossom sister-in-law how to make noodles.

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The slippery rope, passes through Taihang, the thrilling stimulation, the unforgettable experience, dares to challenge?

Wants to know that the scenic area are more splendidly, momentarily pays attention to us!


The Taihang Grand Canyon is the country key scenic spot area, the national geology park, in 2016 receives the national 5A level tourist scenic zone, is evaluated by the South Korean Sightseeing Association: “the South Korean tourists most like Chinese famous mountains”. The scenic area includes: The spring deep pool folds waterfall peach blossom valley, hundred mile art gallery Taihang day road, the Taihang soul of king crag, the primitive ecology canyon drift. The scenic area admission ticket is in two days valid, may relax the mood in here you, leisurely and carefree passed the entire weekend.

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