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  • Linzhou wild plant atlas - - Mao 梾


    Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon not only fine sceneries, moreover is a very huge plant treasure house, in which many millennium betel siberian elm, the mulberry tree, but also has precious Chinese yew, Mountain in Shansi flower, Mountain in Shansi chrysanthemum, Mountain in Shansi cliff cypress and so on. Today the introduction has above several hundred years for everybody the tree age wool 梾. Read More

  • Linzhou wild plant atlas - - wing celtis


    Makes the buddha beads in the lumber, one kind of material is called the small leaf red sandalwood, is precious really. Wing celtis. Pali is the donation meaning, because its lignin is hard, fragrance fragrant eternal, color gorgeous changeable, and hundred poisonous does not invade, eternal immortal, can also avoid evil influences, therefore calls the Saint wing celtis. Read More

  • Linzhou afforestation plant


    Abstract: Through indicated to the Henan Mountain in Shansi wild decorative plant resource's investigation and study result that Mt. Taihang has the wild decorative plant 69 branches 109 is 209 kinds, in which tree 65 kinds, the bush 73 kinds, the liana 22 kinds, the herbaceous 49 kinds. According to the view posture, the view leaf, the view flower, the view fruit and so on have carried on the elaboration to the decorative plant type. According to this area wild plant resource's development present situation, proposed the wild decorative plant's sustainable use countermeasure. Read More

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