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  • National Day long vacation travel optimal Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon


    Optimal recommends a traveling destination for you--Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon. The Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon is the country key scenic spot area, the national AAAA level tourist area, the national geology park, the Henan Province top-notch scenic spot area. Read More

  • Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon admission ticket purchase and use circular


    Respect tourist friends: You are good! First, to friends' arrival represented that warm welcome, thanks you to select the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area. For the safeguarding general tourist's rights and interests, presently inform as follows on the admission ticket purchase and the use related item: First, Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area admission ticket including peach blossom valley, Mountain in Shansi day road and king crag, in admission ticket 48 hours valid, but the identical scenic spot may visit one time only. Read More

  • The Linzhou peach blossom valley breeze scenic area captures


    The Linzhou slater peach blossom valley riding plan: The Linzhou - - slater ticket price 10 Yuan latest bus service 3:30 slater to the peach blossom valley's bus service, has not been able to take the taxi only in the afternoon. Read More

  • Visit ticket operating guide


            First, the scenic area visit ticket adopts the through ticket system, in the ticket price including the admission ticket and the sightseeing fare, the scenic area is equipped with the ticket office separately in the king crag scenic spot and the peach blossom valley scenic spot and the examination receipt place, in which peach blossom valley scenic spot and the Mountain in Shansi day road uses in common the identical examination receipt place.  Read More

  • Ticket clerk manual


    Visit ticket type Read More

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