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  • Tourist impression one
    Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area, which located at Shibanyan township, Linzhou Anyang. The Taihang Grand Canyon has the typical north scenery characteristic, besides the boundless forest and waterfall, also everywhere the obvious knife truncates the cliff which the axe divides, it’s“north scenery”typical representative. The entire scenic area divides into three wide ranges: The peach blossom valley, the wangxiangyan and the Taiji iceberg, in additional, also have the Taihang sky road near peach blossom valley to be possible to play. Read More
  • Travelling Mark Six
    The scenic area including three parts: peach blossom valley, the Taihang Sky road, the Wangxiangyan scenic area, strolled the peach blossom valley and the Taihang Sky road in the afternoon. the peach blossom valley is the water, the waterfall, hanging plank road, a little small thrilling, the Taihang Sky road is rides the scenic area sightseeing vehicle to watch the Mountain Taihang Read More
  • Traveling mark five
    Path:3thOct, self-driving from Zhengzhou,lead by the guideboards .very convenient and easy to find. took the ticket: The Mountain Taihang Grand Canyon has two booking points, the online booking tickets can taken only in peach blossom valley.the ticket is 48 hour validity, shows a ticket the time take the face value in as a standard. Read More
  • Tourist Impression Four
    Very Good! three scenic spots, the peach blossom valley is connected with Taihang sky road in the same place, at first,we went to the peach blossom valley on foot, these days the ice is quite attractive and the water is very limpid, we took the sightseeing bus the entire journey at Taihang sky road, the sightseeing bus had three stops, we enjoy the scenery and took pictures at each of them. Then the bus send us to the entrance of peach blossom valley. It spent us three to four hour at these two places.wangxiangyan is in another direction, I drive there( Didn’t know whether has bus or not). the wangxiangyan is also good, the friend who likes geology may have a look at the fold, the jointing growth, is very good. you may bring extra clothes in case the cold weather. The flaw is the trees are leafless at this time of the year, i think it will be much better in summer. but at summer will not be able to see the ice. In summary, it’s worth going! Read More
  • Tourist impression three
    After coming back, has been busy with the work, until now comes to feel. The admission ticket 160, on the same regulation network the reservation can have the preferential benefit many! Here is very really attractive, even if in March and April scenery is also very beautiful. Population not specially many, stays is not very expensive, our 5 people lived in the king crag scenic area entrance, stayed, is very not expensively clean, the peasant family happy that kind, the dish was a little small expensively, but could also accept. Read More
  • Tourist impression two
    This time goes to the Grand Canyon sincerity is winding, does not know beforehand builds roads, and so on to the place only then had known quickly cannot pass through, enough has circled the quick two hours. Because however builds roads, the human are not many this year, subscribes the connection ticket from the same regulation, also gives preferential benefit very much. The Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon divides into the peach blossom valley, the Mountain in Shansi day road and the king crag, because takes the ticket to be able to arrive at the peach blossom valley entrance only to take, we first go the peach blossom valley, the scenery is very really attractive, in the mountain did not have the snow, is very magnificent. Read More
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