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  • Touring of the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon


    When the automobile start slowly, my this vacation travels also soon starts, has prepared such several days, is for this day journey. Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon, in my vacation prepares, has unzipped its in a veil of mystery. I have not followed the travel agency travel, but selected itself alone to climb mountains. Arrives at the peach blossom valley first, latter to king crag. A king crag scenic area group is the heroic range real man slope, constructs on the sheer precipice the road also is really steep. The king crag descends the mountain in the journey has 88 meter high revolving staircases, comes up may sit the cliff rope way, under the feeling in the upper air conditions stimulation. Has in here hires bicycle's service, one hour 2 Yuan, one day is 10 Yuan. Is the brand-new car, rides the bicycle on the mountain is very satisfied. Here has the student who very comes here to draw from nature, they have become this scenic area scenery. Here scarlet gown Chinese prickly ash is very good, the meal has expensively also has the small advantage, on the mountain has the wild herbs, under the feeling wild herbs' inciting Read More
  • Primal chaos iceberg travel notes


    Had finished the peach blossom valley tour. After the inquiry native, entire family resolved that as soon as left the peach blossom valley not far primal chaos iceberg to tour again, went several minute disk mountain roads, arrived at the primal chaos iceberg under foot, was possibly here does not have the peach blossom valley fame to be big, comes here tourist not to be many, was very lonesome and quiet, was the relaxation body and mind good place, did not sell tickets temporarily, the admission ticket also exempted. The first section of mountain road has 200 multilevelly, a step stair, walks pants. The primal chaos iceberg is a Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon peach blossom valley scenic area scenic area. &dm4dqpt& at the beginning of the chaos the opening price ancient times, the primal chaos two meters four hung likely”, the primal chaos iceberg was in the fable Pan Gu opens the day the vestige. The primal chaos mountain mountain massif configuration was the gneiss crag, the aposandstone, the limestone composition antique, the ancient times, the Paleozoic Era mountain massif stratification plane, it was a natural Geological museum. Midsummer the season, on in the mountain cavern will ice up, but to several nine cold winters, in the cavern will have emitted the intermittent steam, this kind of winter summer inversion's strange landscape, was really in society rarely Read More
  • Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon tour merit slightly


    In April is precisely goes for a walk in the countryside at the qingming festival the season, 21 I and the friend agree drive go together Anyang to travel, morning 7 o'clock we the link set embark north Zhengzhou, on the Liulin high speed entrance, walks the around the city high transmit immediately Beijing Hong Kong and Macao to be high speed, then changes to the peaceful forest to be high speed, has gotten down high speed in Linzhou, drove high speed altogether uses 2.5 hours to arrive at the Linzhou urban district, passed through 50 minutes strokes along the index plate to arrive at this traveling destination Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area. Read More
  • Language of the canyon - summer


    When doesn't know, roadside shade many, the faint trace cool breeze sways the wicker, the wicker is manipulating the dancer's posture. Looks at the scenery the tourist cannot help but slowed down the footsteps, this looked that in Lianshui's fish happy jumped, jumps is greeting to the water surface on. Read More
  • Canyon night


    The day gradually has been black, sun's afterheat dark red which illuminates the cloud, the sunset glow the girl who hides just like one bit in the boudoir, quietly reveals the appearance to come, to let the human cannot help but remember Li Shangyin's verse: “the repeated calling and urging beginning comes out, still holds the pipa partly to obstruct the surface”. Indeed, sunset glow US, US peacefully, US moving, beautiful lets the human after not sigh with emotion the nature the clever axe finger of God. The setting sun in the western sky mountain, in sunset glow Yu Guangzhong, wears the deep green colored silk just like one bit the fairy maiden, is self-satisfied arrives at side us. The cool breeze moves the treetop, that is her elegant long hair. The purl rill, is her nimble and resourceful eye. That not well-known wild flower, also became embellished her corolla. The canyon mountain, congealed has been delicate and is boundless, I saw on her body thick Germany has carried the quality, has smelled her gentle and the peaceful breath, felt that was transmitting to one strength. The sky has answered a curtain call in people's yo-heave-ho, gentle has drawn in the black curtain. Heavy Read More
  • Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon summer cool dream


    Found the steep mountain ridge to where, searches the blue water blue sky to where, found the simple and honorable nostalgia to where, can water in our heart to where deeply worried which brings by the tall buildings? Found wave clear water to where to wash off us to live lives tired the trace? Read More
  • Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon summer day cool travel notes


          We go to the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon's core area slater township first, here house has the characteristic extremely, builds completely by the stone, even the roof is also takes off in the cover by the local mountain on rock lamination, plain practical.      Read More

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