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  • Language of the canyon - summer


    When doesn't know, roadside shade many, the faint trace cool breeze sways the wicker, the wicker is manipulating the dancer's posture. Looks at the scenery the tourist cannot help but slowed down the footsteps, this looked that in Lianshui's fish happy jumped, jumps is greeting to the water surface on. Read More

  • Canyon night


    The day gradually been black, sun's afterheat dark red which illuminates the cloud, the sunset glow the girl who hides just like one bit in the boudoir, quietly reveals the appearance to come, to let the human cannot help but remember Li Shangyin's verse: The repeated calling and urging beginning comes out, still holds the pipa partly to obstruct the surface. Indeed, sunset is so fetching,so peacefully and moving. beautiful lets the human after not sigh with emotion the nature the clever axe finger of God. Read More

  • Cool Dreams at Taihang Grand Canyon


    Found the steep mountain ridge to where, searches the blue water blue sky to where, found the simple and honorable nostalgia to where, can water in our heart to where deeply worried which brings by the tall buildings? Found wave clear water to where to wash off us to live lives tired the trace? This is the beautiful Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon, it not can only give you the vision the impact, takes to you the mind shocking, lets you just likes the body enters the fairyland, feels that kind the purity which cleanses naturally, but also has these fine spring day, green grass greenery. Read More

  • Travel of - automatic pilot the Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon tours the path


    National key scenic spot scenic spot, national AAAA level tourist area, Henan Province top-notch scenic spot area. The Henan Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon and the Shanxi Huguan Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon inherits, namely a canyon stretches across two provinces, a various tubes section, unique. Read More

  • The Grand Canyon scenic area on third swims


            While appreciates the Mountain in Shansi scenery, understands spectacular view, may also in travel in the stroke to arrange the artificial Milky Way[Red Flag ditch], successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations mansion[Ma manor], world culture inheritance[Yin Dynasty ruins], national hero[Yue Fei temple], Book of Change place of origin[羑 in city]And so on humanities scenic spots.  The specific scenic spot combination mode, the automatic pilot and personal You Ke rest on arrives at the scenic area the time to arrange nimbly; The association tourists may consult to the travel agency. Read More

  • The Grand Canyon scenic area on second swims


    Tours soul of the Mountain in Shansi[king crag](global 3 hours tour the spring deep pool to fold the waterfall approximately)[peach blossom valley](global 2.5 hours tour hundred miles art galleries approximately)[Mountain in Shansi day road](global 4 hours tour the virgin forest approximately)[primal chaos iceberg], this scenic spot is the present project, does not examine documents temporarily (global approximately for 3 hours)   Read More

  • Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon admission ticket purchase and use circular


    Respect tourist friends: You are good! First, to friends' arrival represented that warm welcome, thanks you to select the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area. For the safeguarding general tourist's rights and interests, presently inform as follows on the admission ticket purchase and the use related item: First, Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area admission ticket including peach blossom valley, Mountain in Shansi day road and king crag, in admission ticket 48 hours valid, but the identical scenic spot may visit one time only. Read More

  • The Linzhou peach blossom valley breeze scenic area captures


    The Linzhou slater peach blossom valley riding plan: The Linzhou - - slater ticket price 10 Yuan latest bus service 3:30 slater to the peach blossom valley's bus service, has not been able to take the taxi only in the afternoon. Read More

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