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  • Linzhou wild plant atlas - - Mao 梾


    Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon not only fine sceneries, moreover is a very huge plant treasure house, in which many millennium betel siberian elm, the mulberry tree, but also has precious Chinese yew, Mountain in Shansi flower, Mountain in Shansi chrysanthemum, Mountain in Shansi cliff cypress and so on. Today the introduction has above several hundred years for everybody the tree age wool 梾. Read More

  • Linzhou wild plant atlas - - wing celtis


    Makes the buddha beads in the lumber, one kind of material is called the small leaf red sandalwood, is precious really. Wing celtis. Pali is the donation meaning, because its lignin is hard, fragrance fragrant eternal, color gorgeous changeable, and hundred poisonous does not invade, eternal immortal, can also avoid evil influences, therefore calls the Saint wing celtis. Read More

  • Linzhou afforestation plant


    Abstract: Through indicated to the Henan Mountain in Shansi wild decorative plant resource's investigation and study result that Mt. Taihang has the wild decorative plant 69 branches 109 is 209 kinds, in which tree 65 kinds, the bush 73 kinds, the liana 22 kinds, the herbaceous 49 kinds. According to the view posture, the view leaf, the view flower, the view fruit and so on have carried on the elaboration to the decorative plant type. According to this area wild plant resource's development present situation, proposed the wild decorative plant's sustainable use countermeasure. Read More

  • Canyon drift scenic area


            The Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon wanders located at the national AAAA level tourist area, the country key scenic spot area, the national geology park - Henan Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon. Global 4500m, dropping variance 85m, the entire journey located at the mountainous region forest zone, the river course both sides forest onion is strongly fragrant, the scenery is magnificent, is called “the drift which cannot tan”, is worthy of the reputation “the ecology oxygen drift”.  The Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon drift facility is advanced, occupies in the province the front row, constructs the entire journey supervisory system, the air can the heat pump hot water supply, can take to you certainly the brand-new drift experience.  Read More

  • Mountain in Shansi day road scenic area


    “Mountain in Shansi day road” scenic area summit of located at the Mt. Taihang, north peach blossom valley scenic area, winter solstice immortal rosy cloud valley scenic area, span approximately 30km, since the scenic area loop line tours path's important component, is the bird's eye view Mt. Taihang sublime scenery excellent position.  While sits and watches the lathe finishing to walk randomly in the Mountain in Shansi day road, just likes places oneself hundred miles art galleries, the packed hole looks, there is no place is not the atmospheric boundless traditional Chinese painting mountain high tide volume, the profound canyon, the erectness dike, takes to the tourist the intense vision to frighten. The union appearance of the mountain hill shape, the Mountain in Shansi day road sets along the route has 10 places to look at the scenery Taiwan, looks out into the distance near the field, felt that broad-minded, the distracting thoughts all disappear.  Read More

  • Peach blossom valley scenic area


    The peach blossom valley is in a Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon's mountain valley, is also the Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon scenic area core scenic spot. It is by the mountain, the valley, the deep pool, the hole natural scenic area primarily. Because it “39 severely cold peach blossom peach blossom valley, the natural potted landscape peach blossom valley, the natural potted landscape (6) open, the end of summer intense summer heat water ices up with the 346 meter high Asian first high waterfall”, but world famous. The peach blossom valley thing long 7 kilometers, the north and south extend 3.5 kilometers, the tour area 14 square kilometers, the elevation 800--1736 meter, elevation difference near 1 kilometer. The main tour scenic spot includes: Yellow Longtan, flies Long Xia, contains the bead, two Long Xizhu, ninth Lian Bao, the peach blossom deep pool waterfall, the peach blossom hole, too the polar ice hole and so on. The peach blossom valley landscape is unusual, high peak towering, winds the winding peach blossom mountain stream penetration in the entire canyon, the mountain stream both banks common vetch hangs down, weed-tree jungle luxuriant boundless, surges the green tide along with the mountain breeze to resemble the sea water to flap. The mountain stream flows off which along the valley drops the waterfall, the waterfall is completed the deep pool, the deep pool waterfall is connected, furthermore the canyon mountain peak, mountain spring appearing, the cliff cliff flies the waterfall, the ravine, the ditch ditch sees the spring with great ease, framed the peach blossom Gu Shanling Shui Xiu's canyon water rhyme. The fog has lifted Yunshan changes, the flower holds the bird flying cry, the mountain waterfall falls the rope made of twisted bamboo strips, current deep pool Shui Chengru the mirror, the rocky mountain hoodoo is differ in thousands of ways, the forest luxuriant verdant onion is strongly fragrant, the limestone cave just likes darkly the l Read More

  • King crag scenic area


    King layers inside the Linzhou Mountain in Shansi Grand Canyon, Linlu prominent peak west side slater town. The main tour scenic spot includes: The tube ladder, the Jade Emperor Chinese style pavilion, Xia Fudong, swings the soul bridge, herd Ma Po, the plank road, the forest bathing porch, supine Tianchi and so on. Leaves the slater town to travel southward, the dew river goes toward the couple. Experiences 800 remaining years of life vicissitudes' flat topping pine, the bough is tall and straight, the dark green dragon tune, cups one hand in the other across the chest to welcome, king crag scenic area impressively at present. Here peak cliff is rugged, the waterfall formed by a spring flies swings, the flowers and trees support the green jade, the scenery are graceful, by the reputation is “soul of the Mountain in Shansi”. King crag Shan Gaolin is deep, a group climb, seems the roadless winding peaks and paths. The obvious water seepage gurgling, overflows along the way becomes an official the stone, therefore the king crag's vegetation has is very rich. Read More

  • Visit ticket operating guide


            First, the scenic area visit ticket adopts the through ticket system, in the ticket price including the admission ticket and the sightseeing fare, the scenic area is equipped with the ticket office separately in the king crag scenic spot and the peach blossom valley scenic spot and the examination receipt place, in which peach blossom valley scenic spot and the Mountain in Shansi day road uses in common the identical examination receipt place.  Read More

  • Ticket clerk manual


    Visit ticket type Read More

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